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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


What would make you better?

How do you know it would make you better? If you don’t know, what leads you to even believe so?

Is there anywhere you can receive your desired treatment? Is there anything preventing you from going there to receive it?


You do know several supplement companies are still selling designer oral steroids as “pro hormones” despite it being illegal right? They adjust the molecule just a little bit and then bam, no longer a banned substance.

Do I need to get in into phentermine… you know what never mind, it’s a waste of electrons to argue with you.

You’re wrong.


Even the dudes he did 9/11 shouldn’t have to suffer through anything as inhuman as reading this thread. Someone make it stop


It’s like you don’t even read the studies you post.


More studies looking at the systematic use of stem cells in pain management will be required to draw conclusions about the benefits of the technology.


Though the data from existing studies look promising for the use of stem cells as a novel therapeutic strategy for discogenic pain, neuropathic pain, and osteoarthritis, additional clinical studies will be needed to validate the benefit of the technology for clinical use. However, we hope that this narrative review will help guide pain physicians in making informed decisions for their patients about the potential of cell-based therapy for treating chronic pain conditions.


I’m still astonished how someone that has the time and energy to post so relentlessly and zealously on these forums continues to claim that he is unable to work.


Dude could probably make 6-figures writing a guest blog for morons . com


Alex Jones is a multi millionaire. Just let that sink in…


Someone has to warn us about gay frogs.


A 7-year-old that reviews toys on YouTube made $20M+ this year…


tbh, that’s the one on that list I can stomach most easily.

I don’t actually have anything against the gaming bros, I just can’t imagine why that many people are sufficiently bored that they watch streams of other people playing video games.

Some of the others are…well, they’re not people I want my son to emulate.


Why do people watch streams of the NFL instead of playing football? You can easily learn something watching a gamer stream that you’ll be able to use in your daily life (assuming you play that game), the same absolutely cannot be said of virtually all professional or even minor league sports.

Side note, every year people like this release some kind of list guestimating YT income. They’re almost unanimously laughed at and mocked by high end YouTubers

Philip DeFranco used to call them adorable. Haven’t watched him in a bit though


I think those people assume that the youtuber is monetizing the traffic in every way possible. In real life most of them are far more worried about creating engaging content than being business pros.


Fair point. I guess I’d counter that professional sports are something we watch for enjoyment rather than to learn tricks that we’ll use in our own lives, but that’s projecting my entertainment preferences on other people.

Just curious, maybe this is my fault for being a sucker, I assumed that list was somehow verified(ish). Are you saying it’s not? Just a way-out-there guess? And if so, when you say they’re unanimously mocked - because they’re too high, too low, just not even close to reality?


They estimate the gross, not the net. Blah of all people did a pretty decent breakdown of the payout schedule.

I can totally believe it with Ryan’s Toy Reviews though. That kid has his own line at Wal-Mart now.


I don’t think a lot of true streaming of video games is for tricks to use. A lot of videos exist for things like walkthroughs and tips and trips. Most people who are watching streaming of people just playing the game is because they like watching elite level people play (which fits fury’s football scenario) or they like the commentary provided by the person talking (which would be similar to watching TV or a movie.)


Does the government wait for taxes before they spend money? No. So where do they get the money?



Ellis Winningham and Bill Mitchell are as dumb as you, apparently.


My kid loves a couple of these channels. The roblox things and new Pacman stuff. He gets all fired up watching them then builds items and buildings with his Legos.


I absolutely watch streamers for entertainment these days. If I still had time to play anything beyond mobile ‘while I’m pooping’ games it’d be a mix of both.

I think much of it is reliant on having a true appreciation for the individual skill required. In much the same way I have very little true understanding for what it takes to be a pro athlete, for example.

It’s a wild guess. It’s probably based on something though

In my experience, it’s met with roaring laughter and jokes of ‘what I would give to make that much’

Nuance point, if you log in to a streamer on twitch you’ll see donations flood in. A very large chunk of them end up getting refunded, as half the time it’s some kid that wants to see his username on the stream, and twitch has a very very generous refund policy from donations.


And what of all the people who are getting positive benefits from the procedure? Are they all just shills or experiencing a placebo?

You’re going to give me a chance? Who the fuck are you? Show me that a sizable percentage of stem cell clinics use embryonic with your “scratching the surface”. And what do you define as sizable?