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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


Believing that taxes fund Fed. spending in the U.S. is wrong no matter where you reside, moron. Gawd the deep-level of your stupidity knows no bounds.


Because I have a disease that prevents me from working. And I’m not allowed to get better in the U.S. because pharma wants to make money from my disease. Great country. Everything for a profit above all else.


And your a loyal blind soldier for the propagandists.


An explanation of M4A.



Yes, he is just an establishment politician who has taken on Amazon, Walmart and Big Pharma. Supports a fed. minimum wage of $15/hr. Medicare-for-All and a Green New Deal just to name a few. Another phony who does exactly what the other political puppets do.



(too dumb/didn’t read)


Perhaps all they needed was time to heal. Perhaps they experienced a placebo. Perhaps the Stem Cells worked. We don’t actually know. which is what everyone has been trying to point out to you for like 3 years now.

Per the doctors who’s authority, you appealed to.

Should Pharm be able to sell drugs without providing evidence of their efficacy, ie, “delay tactics” by the FDA?

What about it? Opioids work tremendously well.

because there is proof they work for their intended purpose.




I told you it would be good.

Okay, dude. I don’t even know what to say about this. This is beyond retarded.

The Stem Cell Institute would make money off your disease. Any stem cell clinic that would treat you in the US would be making money off your disease.


You’re a fucking dumbass.


Tax dollars aren’t used to fund the federal government. Jesus H. Christ…


The ones I have viewed do not. Why would anyone risk it? Common sense says otherwise.


Okay, dude, I’ll bite because I know this will be hilarious. What are the $3T+ dollars collected by the IRS used for if not to fund the federal government?


I’m going to give you one more chance to either retract your statement or provide proof before I show you what I have found out just by scratching the surface of this industry… I am willing to accept it if you can show me proof of a sizable percentage, and not the majority.


I’ll bet you he’s going to use the “government had to create and inject the money supply into the economy therefore taxes are people returning money to the government” argument.


Your information comes from a philosopher and graphic design. Fucking lol

*What a fucking clown. “Der it’s like da matrix der”

Zep, you’re a god damn moron.


My head might actually explode.


Lol this was the shit I had to hear all the time during my junior college days from fucking big government socialist wannabes. That’s why it’s so bloody hilarious.


It’s always the same with these clowns. “I’ve been enlightened”, “I’m woke!”

No, you’re a dumbass.


Fucking hell, taxes aren’t used to fund the fed. Fucking wow. I feel like a 16-year-old girl, I just can’t with this.


Nonono you derelict!

Government prints and spends money by circulating it into the economy so you have money to pay your taxes. Hence your taxes are funded by the government.

Payment of taxes reduces money supply and therefore inflation is kept at bay. Further requirement of taxes are for the purpose of redistribution and whatever shit they can pull out of their asses.



Nobody stopped you from working hard and achieving something before your illness. It’s not a crutch. Especially with how nasty of a human being you are.

Bernie Sanders has said, which you can look up if you actually care (which you don’t) that his universal health care plan is considerably more than what we’re spending now.

It’s more expensive on purpose. That’s what happens when you suddenly give free shit to millions of extra people. The cost goes up. Duh