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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


That represents THE MAJORITY? Come on, zep, you need to stop bullshitting.



Good grief.

Holy shit balls, batman! A handful of fighters and an actor say it’s legit then it must be legit!


Also, do you realize (lol) that you’re now trying to discredit your own evidence?


Lolz, whut?


He acknowledges that I am not a US citizen when it’s convenient. At other times, I am trying to deprive the US public of policies like universal healthcare.


I don’t think that’s what he meant. How does you not paying US taxes make you econonically illiterate?

*Just wait, this is going to be a gem.


Well Zep doesn’t pay US taxes and he’s economically illiterate.

Correlation implies causation. Duh


Lol, true.

He wrote this 10 days ago:

Coupled with the above to @dt79 I can’t fucking wait for this.

*I don’t even know why he wrote the above either… As usual, it had nothing to do with the conversation at the time. It was completely out of left field. I just ignored it.


I initially attributed this post to some kind of lapse is his ability to articulate his thoughts since it would be dumb beyond the depths of human comprehension if it were to be taken at face value but now…


Dude’s a lunatic.


That one really confused me. The guy disagrees with Bernie Sanders that his own HC plan will increase expenses.

But I guess he knows best. Bernie is just a shill for something something after all


He’s a shill for Big Smallness, the corporate/industrial complex that has driven the granola boutique explosion of the past decade. You know, ironic t-shirts, hemp everything, artisinal pickles, and fancy fucking donuts.


Hey man don’t knock the fancy donuts. Some local yuppie place sent our office a few dozen last month. I had a donut filled with pb&j. Blew my damn mind

Plus, something’s gotta fuel this consumerism machine. Might as well be donuts


At the expense of the public’s health! You must be so proud.


Shady supplement hucksters. Such as? Do you honestly believe that poorly formulated supps have as much as a detrimental health cost as fast food?


So why don’t you prove that the majority of stem cell clinics use embryonic?


So I guess they’re all shills or are just experiencing a placebo? Besides their chosen field of work they are people with problems that have been helped by stem cells.

And more evidence is needed. Again, just a delay tactic. What happened to the evidence for opioids? Was more evidence needed to prove they can be addictive and deadly? No, you can choose to take these but not stem cell therapy or medicinal cannabis in some states. Why are people leaving the U.S. or finding a clinic here that hasn’t been shut down by the FDA yet? Because it doesn’t work and causes a lot of side effects. Good grief!


What? You believe your tax dollars are used to fund the Fed. gov.?


I didn’t make the claim that the majority don’t use them. The onus is on you to do so.

Dodging as usual. Let’s put it this way. I’m giving you a chance to at least back up a bit of your statement. If I could be bothered, and I really go and look for evidence to the contrary, you might not like what I find. I might do that if you continue bullshitting.


Oh crap, I just blew a funny fuse again, guys.