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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


Because, as posted above, 3 patients using mesenchymal stem cells went BLIND.


Dude, this is what the doctors from the NIH in YOUR LINK said.


Alright. Then you don’t believe in choice.

Thank you.


Full circle. Full stop. /thread.


Lol. It’s one of if not the most glaring of his inconsistencies. He doesn’t believe in choice unless it’s a choice HE wants to make.


Prove it. Why don’t I just call you a child rapist if we don’t need to back up our statements?


USMC: I can make a profit selling stem cells without any backing what-so-ever that they work

Zep: Great, freedom of choice.

USMC: I can make a profit selling french fries and cheeseburgers because that’s what the public wants.

Zep: Such morality. Making a profit at the expensive of the heath of others! Outrageous!


scientists try to control the differentiation of embryonic stem cells.


the process is uncontrolled and therefore an inefficient strategy to produce cultures of specific cell types.

Who would use this?

About embryonic stem cells. “the risks associated with a product containing these cells (e.g. risk on tumor formation) are considered high, if not perceived to be unacceptable”


I didn’t ask for proof that they are potentially harmful. I asked which Stem Cell Institutes do not use them.


As a reminder, you didn’t object to that behavior when it was done by a doctor whose information you were trying to spread.


And what of the many people who’ve gotten benefits? According to you, they do not have a choice. And what of the tens of thousands of people who die every year because of an opioid overdose? The public has this as a choice but are being kept from choosing stem cell therapy. Bravo! You are truly a friend of freedom until it runs into the profit-motive.

F.D.R.'s 2nd Bill of Rights

So there are not doctors in the NIH that are influenced by money? Why are opioids legal when tens of thousands of people die each year from them but stem cell therapy is being kept from the public? And to think of all those known liars who are just shills for stem cell therapy. Joe Rogan, Bas Rutten, T.J. Dillashow and Chael Sonnen just to name a few. Along with Mel Gibson and his father.


Why would any reputable clinic use these, when their is a far safer alternative? The Stem Cell Institute almost exclusively umbilical-cord stem cells.


I gave you the REASON they aren’t approved. I did not say I gave a fuck about whether they are approved or not. That’s up to the public to decide where their tax dollars go. Don’t you believe in choice?

Hey, if it were up to me, people would be able to do whatever the fuck they want as long as they don’t use MY tax dollars to pay for it, and then to pay for real medical treatment after things go wrong.

F.D.R.'s 2nd Bill of Rights

WHICH Stem Cell Institute? How many “reputable” clinics are there, and what is the scope of their services?


Does this negate stem cell therapy?


Your tax dollars aren’t used for government funding of any sort in the U.S. So you can just stop your economic illiteracy right now.


The one located in Panama City, Panama. Where they have the choice to get this done.


Nor did I imply that they are. But since you tried to assume a position to me and bashed that position in an infantile attempt once again to vilify me despite knowing that, I simply clarified my actual position.


Zep, buddy, two things…

First, what in the sweet holy fuck does that have to do with what the direct post I quoted or the comment I made?

Second, no, I’d say that you being a blatant and undeniable hypocrite by giving a free pass to shady supplement hucksters while trying to criticize the fast food industry does not negate stem cell therapy.

But to be fair, the fact that you accept certain behavior when it suits you and attack that same behavior when it’s convenient also doesn’t negate the existence of the Yeti.