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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


But don’t listen to the people who continue to take it? Deny them of choice.


To YOU it doesn’t but…

Says YOU. Sorry your estimation is absolutely wrong. When the pharma co.'s power has been greatly reduced they will no longer call the shots.


Someone just tell me if I use stem cells do I have to still eat right?

Cause eating right sucks. I love lifting but just want to eat garbage. 2018 and we don’t have a diet snickers yet?!


Doesn’t matter. You are too stupid to make your own food choices because advertising by Big Fast Food or whatever he calls it has you gripped by the balls. Zep and his friends will make these choices for you by fighting for your freedom of choice.


Where’s the fun in that?

That would be like smoking high cbd content medical Marijuana to get- nothing.

Did you know that some of that dispensary stuff is up to 24‰ thc now?

(probably why there are no diet snickers.)


Dude, I don’t care what you or anyone other consenting adult puts in their body or uses to treat their issues. How many more times do I need to type this before you get it?


Listen talking point fucktard, I pasted the fucking words to the fucking link you provided and it literally says more evidenceis required to determine if stem cells are useful in treating chronic pain.

You claimed the link was showing “more positive results” it does no such thing. Learn how to read, fuck.


Dude… @usmccds423 quoted the study you posted. Then you highlight part of that quote that is counter to your narritive and attribute the quote to him… attacking him in the process.

What drugs are you on man? Willing to share a few grams?


Jesus, you think I wrote the above don’t you. Smh…


I’ve seen more rational behavior from people on pcp.


This shit ain’t funny.

Pdf file:








It’s never Lupus.


It’s gotta be lupis eventually. Hugh Laurie be damned.

(House is easily in my top 5 shows of all time)


So selling garbage that helps destroy the public’s health is honorable because you can make money from it?


No it isn’t funny but…

underwent multiple commercial infusions of stem cells (allogeneic, embryonic neural, and mesenchymal)

Embryonic stem cells are known to be uncontrollable and aren’t used by the majority of clinics.

Yes, I’ve read the conclusion but just because everyone does not get the same benefit should not be used as justification to keep it from the public’s choice. It is their life and they have to live with a disease, so they ought to be able to make the decision.

Examples of the three who were treated as a compassionate use treatment.

All infusions were performed within a 10-day period and were very well tolerated without any significant side effects. His gait, balance and coordination improved dramatically oven a period of several weeks. His condition continued to improve over the next few months and he is currently reporting a still continuing improvement and ability to jog, run and bike for extended periods of time daily.

Three months after the stem cell infusions the patient reported a significant improvement of his balance and coordination as well as an improved energy level and mood. New MRI images, obtained 7 months after the stem cell treatment showed lesions, very similar to the lesions observed before the stem cell treatment (Figure ​(Figure2).2). Currently, he is not taking any antidepressants and is reporting a significantly improved overall condition.

Three months after the stem cell infusions the patient reported a significant improvement of his cognition and almost complete reduction of the spasticity in his extremities. He mentioned that he has had 623 tonic seizures in the past and confirmed that he has not experienced any more seizures since the completion of the stem cell therapy. A neurological evaluation performed three months after the stem cell infusions revealed an intact cranial nerve (II-XII) function and no nystagmus, normal motor function without any atrophy or fasciculations, and intact sensory and cerebellar functions and mental status. New MRI images, obtained 6 months after the stem cell treatment showed lesions, very similar to the lesions observed before the stem cell treatment.

So no new lesions. And to think the public doesn’t have the choice for this procedure. Why?


Stop lying. I never wrote anything of this sort.

What a dishonest scum you are, zep.

So am I to assume that you agree with this and what I quoted from you above is your justification?


That depends on whether the public chooses to pay for it with their tax dollars. They should be allowed to make an informed decision without lies and misrepresentations. Are you really this confused about the concept of “choice”?


Prove that they aren’t used by “the majority of clinics”. I asked you which stem cell institute(s) do not use this but you evaded the question.


Yeah the famous excuse of delay. Is this justification to not allow people the freedom of choice?


A famous tactic of yours. Because you didn’t post those exact words, you want to pretend that is not what your overall point is. And then you can claim the other person is lying. You are so transparent.

So I am to assume that selling garbage that helps to destroy the public’s health is a good thing because you can make profit? So profit off the misery of others as long as you can make a buck. Man can’t compete with this high-level of morality.