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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


Oh, trust me, I know. I’ve been at this for years with him.


And those studies were not done on hamsters they used humans.

So pppffffftttttt goes your argument about hamsters.

Low quality evidence? Unlike the high quality evidence produced by opioid studies, huh?

Remember when I quoted the exact article?

So you claim that I purposely mislead people when I posted the article?

If you claim that I don’t get to decide what the public believes, why do you think YOU can decide what the public can choose as their option of treatment?
Especially when you say this is what DEMOCRACY means. And you claim to believe in it when you really believe in authoritarianism. When capitalism leads to monopolies and profit is above all else.

And everyone can read your posts. If they are being honest with themselves they can see how transparent you are.


There is only ONE study with the words “hamster heart model” in it. It was done on hamsters. You thought it was done on humans.

Why do you still persist in lying? The one in my last post was a different study in a separate incident of you lying your ass off. It doesn’t have the words “hamster heart model” in it. Do you actually think it does? Are you saying you still HAVEN’T EVEN READ IT YET?

Another lie.

You ommited, and admitted to purposefully ommitting the most important part of the conclusion to mislead people.

It’s right there in the screenshot. I can easiky repost the entire exchange.

Why do you persist in lying?

Trying to change the story now. Wow.

I don’t. I get to decide how I want my money spent through voting and so does everyone else.

HOW I decide is dependent on the information available to me. Just like for everyone else. Which is why I call you out when you try to mislead people by manipulating evidence.

THIS is democracy. Manipulating people into making the decisions YOU want them to make, and think it’s the decision they SHOULD make, by lying is exactly what someone who believes in authoritarianism does.

I can accept it even if the public decides to vote for a system I abhor as long as it’s done through a democratic process.

You can’t. That’s why you resort to lying. Don’t claim you believe in democracy, you bloody hypocrite. And quit the fucking strawmans.

You can call me anything you want as long as you can back it up. Like I do. If you can’t, you’re a liar. Plain and simple.

And quit with the strawmans. You’re just trying to run away to another topic as usual.

Sure. Unlike you, I don’t perceive the general public to be stupid and easily manipulated. They can make their own decisions. And I want them to. Which is why I don’t lie, nor do I manipulate evidence and misrepresent posts.

I wonder what they think of you.


I’ve never seen such tenacious and aggressive stupidity.


Try reading over some of your own posts if you want to see some real stupidity. The guy who believes people that use medicinal cannabis do so to get high not relieve them of their pain and suffering.


I use medicinal cannabis to get high and not to relieve myself of pain and suffering.

Except the day after leg day. Shits bomb as hell for DOMS


That is you. Does this account for everyone? Not to mention the different ways to consume it via vaporization, oils and tinctures. Which method do you use?


Oh of course not. But in my experience it accounts for a lot. I’d say maybe 60-70%>

Depends on my mood. Typically via oil cartridges, edibles, and raw bud.


How dare you dismiss his anecdotal evidence.




I’ve never said anything of the sort.


And what of the children who consume it to relieve them of their symptoms? Are their parents just trying to expand their horizons while watching Cheech & Chong reruns.

And what of the people who consume CBD only products or very little THC?


And this is based on?


Yeah, how dare you dismiss the accounts of people who are using this as treatment. Until science figures out how it exerts it’s effects, people ought not to have a choice in the matter and should just except their suffering. Welcome to the U.S. “healthcare” system.


They definitely exist. They’re the other 30-40%

Anecdotal evidence. My sister and brother in law both deal. They think it’s closer to 90%. I’d be happy to see what data back number you, a non smoker, can provide.


Maybe it was someone else, as I don’t currently have the time to check.


More positive results for stem cells regarding pain relief.


zooooooom, right over your head. Color me surprised. Shocked. Down right shocked I say.


Corrected that for you since you’re still confused about this whole medical research thingy.


" Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Pain Management: Review of Uses, Advances, and Adverse Effects."

Stem Cell use for chronic pain management sounds like an elective to me. Sorry, not funded under single-payer.


Fucking derp:


More studies looking at the systematic use of stem cells in pain management will be required to draw conclusions about the benefits of the technology.


Though the data from existing studies look promising for the use of stem cells as a novel therapeutic strategy for discogenic pain, neuropathic pain, and osteoarthritis, additional clinical studies will be needed to validate the benefit of the technology for clinical use. However, we hope that this narrative review will help guide pain physicians in making informed decisions for their patients about the potential of cell-based therapy for treating chronic pain conditions."

This literally says nothing. Solid evidence.