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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video



Oh fuck this. I’ve actually just been reading up on stem cells and there are fucking Chinese Traditional Medicine practitioners offering them. I originally thought of trying stem cell therapy for my shoulder but now I’m not touching any of this shit until proper evidence comes along.

The funny thing is if this idiot hadn’t started by linking studies, I wouldn’t have known there is a lack of quality evidence after sourcing and reading them. If he hadn’t talked about “anecdotal evidence” when he found out there’s a lack of quality evidence, I wouldn’t have found out all the shady shit going on after looking for reviews. I would have just gone to a clinic and done it next month when I’m off work. So now I have to thank zep for saving me money.


You need crystals and positive thoughts man. Your chakra is subluxated. That’ll be $1,500.

Am I doing this right?


Lol. Real TCM practitioners in Asia can tell you medical and cosmic sounding shit linking your body to the constellations and sound like they’re reciting fucking award winning poetry. They’ve had thousands of years to refine this nonsense. Not only that, they’ll request that you put your money in a “red packet” before handing it to them so it’s like a gift of appreciation instead of a payment for services. A $1,000 gift to a goddamn charlatan.


Two weeks ago, my fiance told me about one of her coworkers, a single mom with 3 (well now 2) kids who just lost her 5 month old son to SIDS. Totally out of the blue, right before thanksgiving. She was a mess, both distraught over the death of her child and now frantically scrambling together money because she did not have enough to pay for the funeral. She was trying to sell her car, which she needed to get to work, in order to pay for the casket. No one deserves that kind of hardship, especially around the holidays, so I covered the full cost of the funeral. Didn’t know this lady, have never met her in my life, nor do I ever expect to, it was just a nice thing to do.

Was this a kind act? I think so. Does doing one act of kindness mean that I am a good person, or that subsequent shitty actions on my part are now excused because I did a good thing? Nope. I don’t know you, you may be awesome in real life or you may be absolute garbage, but citing a loan to a family member certainly doesn’t guarantee your morality, and to be honest it strikes me as slightly less than noble to mention a family loan as proof of you being a good guy.

Edit: Did not realize how old this thread was, or how old the comment was that I replied to… whoops.



I like how her profile says “not a bot” mmmkay.


Stop treating people as commodities in this corrupt capitalist system where corps are treated more humanely than humans.


Lol, I know, where to even start with that…





And if people are experiencing very good benefits and it’s a placebo, what is wrong? Of course you don’t believe this but are just trying to save face for your incredibly ridiculous stance. Oh yeah, maybe all of these people experienced a spontaneous healing.

Oh no, this was the study that I was chosen for but could not participate in because an American neurologist kept trying to talk me into pharmaceuticals and dragged his feet on ordering the tests I needed to get done, in order to be included. Thanks Dr. Joy! Instead of getting improvement I sit here and deteriorate all because of him.

And the study never uses the word human. Only patients. So are animals referred to as patients, now?

More work done by Neil Riordan.

More anecdotal evidence. But these people are probably lying or just experiencing a placebo huh?

There is a small sampling and there are plenty more.

The biggest scam is the pharma industry and their paid for lackeys in the FDA keeping this as a choice for the American public to treat chronic/degenerative diseases. All for profits.

Yes they do, which is why over 1 million of people have had the therapy done.

Doesn’t choice matter?


Why do you persist in misrepresenting my posts?

All you do is lie and manipulate, zep.


Prove it. Prove that all of them had good results.

Aren’t you of the stance that people are too stupid to make decisions for themselves, which is why the fast food industry can easily use advertising to manipulate them? Why would you use the decisions of these same people to prove your point?

There are 1 billion Christians in the world. Why aren’t you going to Church on Sunday?

There are tens of millions of people who have gone for repeated Reiki sessions. Why don’t you?

There are hundreds of millions of people who have used Traditional Chinese Medicine. Why don’t you?


So your logic is to support the smaller scam?

I thought results matter?

50/50 good vs bad results from reviews at stem cell sites. Give me better evidence than this.


If you knew 1/1000 as much about the practice of medicine as you think, you wouldn’t have to ask that.


Produce them. I can produce an equal amount of bad reviews for every good one you throw out. Let’s compare them. Do it.


"#### RESULTS:

Twenty subjects were enrolled in this study. No serious adverse events were reported. Of the mild AEs denoted as possibly related to treatment, most were headache or fatigue. Symptom improvements were most notable 1 month after treatment. Improvements were seen in EDSS scores (p < 0.03), as well as in bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction (p < 0.01), in non-dominant hand average scores (p < 0.01), in walk times (p < 0.02) and general perspective of a positive health change and improved quality of life. MRI scans of the brain and the cervical spinal cord showed inactive lesions in 15/18 (83.3%) subjects after 1 year."

Oh no, this was the conclusion:


Treatment with UCMSC intravenous infusions for subjects with MS is safe, and potential therapeutic benefits should be further investigated."

Sure, investigate further. Isn’t this what I’m requesting?

And posting ONE study based on TWENTY subjects when there are purportedly a million people who have undergone therapy and got good results is supposed to shut me up? Come on. That’s the very definition of a “shortage”.

Are you trying to act like the hamster study used humans again? Or are you implying that everyone who read it is lying about it being a hamster study?

Wow, you are such a bloody dishonest piece of shit.


“Taking advantage of the trophic effects of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and using a hamster heart failure model , the present study demonstrates a novel noninvasive therapeutic regimen via the direct delivery of MSCs into the skeletal muscle bed. //”

Keep lying, zep. Keep lying.





Here’s a small sample of anecdotal evidence of bad results, which I don’t take seriously. But, since you want to play this game… these people are probably lying huh? There’s a LOT more and I WILL post them if you want to play this game with me:


In Zeps defense, this probably explains why he thinks stem cells are the next polio cure. I bet if you include animal studies the number of positive results skyrockets