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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


I guess, but isn’t that true for a lot of things? What if, pre DNA testing, your kid didn’t look like you? How do you prove he’s yours without a birth certificate? Is he the governments if you don’t have a birth certificate or just a Kenyan (I kid I kid).

As far as I can tell, the argument still holds water even in a complex world, though. Imo, ownership and the ability to legally prove ownership are two different concepts. There’s a common understanding of ownership and legal ownership. The conversation has gotten a bit muddy…


Sure, but it limits things that you own to that which you directly possess.

Having worked around people that would steal your turds if they are shinier than theirs, I have all of my personal tools etched with my initials.


No and no.

Would you consider the pharma cartel denial of choice of treatment to the public a good thing, just so they can make more money?


So stifling innovation isn’t always immoral. Gotcha.

Pharma doesn’t deny choice. If you’re able to be not useless to a company, very few reasonable treatments are out of reach.

Even stem cells are WAYYYY within reach for the majority of people.


Well I’m not sure about this, but we will have the highest drug prices by far in the world. Sounds awesome. Maybe we can help more people file for BK because they had the audacity to get sick.


Choice will be denied under single payer and/or medicare for all.


As it should be. Shits too expensive to but writing a blank check to every hypochondriac we can findw


God damn, our healthcare system is such shit. I walked into the ER yesterday at 2PM, got a contrast cat scan, an ultrasound, blood work, and my appendix removed all by 10PM. What a shitty system we have!


Bro, somebody made a profit off you though. How can you deal with such a corrupt system? They should make you wait at least 8 weeks like the NHS.


Hope you didn’t use a Tylenol you probably got charged 25 bucks or something for 100 milligrams


Hope you aren’t any worse for wear.


They gave me a percocet I think.


It hasn’t been bad. Pain here and there, but the surgery went well and the rupture was contained. I’m out of commission for a couple weeks though.


Yeah. You have to avoid bracing and intra abdominal pressure.

I find these modern surgical techniques to be pretty amazing. My sis in law had a heart valve repaired like it might as well have been in a car. Up through the femural artery, over through the subclavian, bada bing bada boom, better than new and back home in 24 hrs.

Freaking amazing.


Was this done at Presby? If so, I’d know the docs who did the procedure, haha. I’ve written some papers on TAVR with them.


It is truly remarkable what doc can do these days. My appendix was removed laparoscopically. Three small incision and a friggin camera… Walked outof the hospital about 2 hours after the procedure. Shit is crazy.


Rubbish. Healthcare causes suffering and death. Explain why patients on House Md are always fine until they ENTER the hospital where they get worse and worse. Results matter!


Actually I think it was. You most likely do know those guys. I’d imagine it becomes a pretty small world with that caliber of talent.

Mind blowing how accessible and somewhat commonplace these things have become, let alone chatting on line with one of the guys that develops the science/technology.


No it won’t. It will be expanded. No more worrying about losing your insurance if you get fired or leave your job. And no more medical bankruptcy if you happen to get sick.


Glad it worked out for you. Try to think of the others who the “system” hasn’t been so kind to.