"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video

Don’t worry, I will never let that go.

You know he was at his nightly alt-left loony bin meeting last night going, “like, what the fuck guys! You told me that study was done on people!!!”

More lies from the corrupt corporations you champion!

Did @pfury not establish beyond any reasonable doubt that the study was, in fact, conducted by hamsters on real people? 1,000s of PEOPLE! By HAMSTERS!

You can’t accept this because it would destroy the ideology you have made your personal Jesus! Capitalism is eating itself! The hamsters shall own the means of production!


“Now you’re getting it”

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I can understand his rage. Even hamsters can figure out how much better stem cells are for everything.

Damn finance industry freezing Zeps accounts and shit. The hamsters will prevail


It’s coming! Be ready for it!

The Dictatorship of the Rodentia shall prevail!


I REALLY want to know where he got those studies from and why he was so adamant that they were conducted on “1,000s of people over several trials”. Was it really an alt-left loony group or some article he read?

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My guess (I realize it’s dangerous to try to understand Zep): he can click on the stem cell institute’s page listing studies and just grab some citations, but he cannot (or will not) read the articles in enough detail to understand them. He believes that the mere existence of published research on the website indicates that said research supports what they are doing. The papers cited are usually preclinical data from animal studies that test whether the stem cells can actually be delivered and how they proliferate. The clinical data in humans, thus far, has not shown much in the way of benefit on things that would actually matter to humans (I don’t care how many of the cells were delivered; I care if my shoulder feels better / my heart failure symptoms improve / etc).



Don’t stare too long into that abyss buddy…hate to lose that brain of yours

To say that you are totally blind would be a compliment. You are willfully ignorant. As if making profit over people is a conspiracy theory. Why didn’t the pharma industry want medicinal MJ legal? Was it a conspiracy theory OR did they want more control over the market in order to keep up their profits and power? Saying 'I don’t care" is not an answer.

Because the FDA is in the pocket of the pharma industry. Why is there a revolving door between the two? And the study, done on humans, was based on a study done on hamsters, dipshit! As is often the case. Studies done on animals first. I would think you’d be down with that protocol?

Like ActivitiesGuy who didn’t interpret the studies properly.

What treatment is The Stem Cell Institute preventing from coming to the market?

And those anecdotes are from tens of thousands of people from over a decade. What about all those anecdotes from millions of people in regards to medicinal MJ? Discount them?



Yes, for starters stop posting here.

Read the abstract. It clearly says the study was based on the hamster model. Not the study was done on hamsters. Big difference.

Did you see anything in the abstract that stated the study was NOT done BY hamsters?


So people who have no choice in working should be held to the same standard as an irresponsible spendthrift or a junkie?

In addition, they should not be able to choose their treatment?

No it was from a book written by one of the pioneers of stem cell therapy, Neil Rhiordan

Absolutely. The finance industry isn’t the Red Cross.

Still wondering why you want to bring back predatory lending practices

You can absolutely choose your treatment, if you can pay for it.

You can also choose which car you drive, same reason.


It clearly states in the abstract that the study was based on a hamster model. Not that the study was done on hamsters.

Then why do people in this country continue to leave it in order to get this treatment? Because it doesn’t show any benefit? And furthermore if the current treatments were working what would be the catalyst for these people to leave and get this therapy?

Heeeyooooooo! Rofl. Now this is some bad blood between individuals.

We’re now having this argument in two different threads. The study was done on hamsters. The Methods section says where they got the hamsters and what procedures were performed on the hamsters in several places. @anon50325502 posted screenshots in the other thread.

If you still cannot accept that, you’re being willfully obtuse.

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Did the super hamsters created via stem cell therapy tell you that?

I’m confused, is the FDA controlled by Pharma elites or hamster elites? I can’t keep this straight.


What the hell does that have to do with the fact that they’re selling a cure for a profit (capitalism)?

We’ve got lots of anecdotes, like billions of them, from those that have received vaccines and you’re anti-vax so…

Read the actual research…

Does it clearly state that it was done on humans? Cause the actual research clearly states it was done on hamsters.


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