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We’re saying that the difference between the people with treatable conditions vs. the people using is tremendous, and that a vast majority is for getting stoned.

You’re just mad that I’m not dumb enough to believe this, cause you THINK it to be true.


In other news, the majority of beer drinkers drink beer for the flavor, with a minority drinking to get drunk.


“I like beer.” -Brett Kavanaugh 2018

Wrong thread again!


I’m still shocked we put a hillbilly on SCOTUS

Dilly dilly


Correction- I have no doubts about the depth or breadth of your stupidity or what you’re willing to believe.

In fact, I have about 50 lbs. of fresh maitake just waiting for you. ( you’ll have to google that, but they’re the medicinal mushrooms that can unslice bread if you believe the claims made about them).


Wow. Elite beltway prep school = hillbilly? Damn. What’s that make me? A dirty peasant I reckon.


You put a man in front of Congress. Under oath. And beer is still his preferred alcoholic beverage. You dun got yurself a hillbilly.

Ironically, I also prefer a good beer to all other alcoholic drinks except Jack n coke. Pretty sure it’s genetic. Nothing me or Kav could do


So still dumb and unsubstantiated claims that medicinal MJ is mainly used to get high. And while the good anecdotal evidence pours in, pharma still lobbies against it.


Do you have any evidence that its not used to get high?


“Mah Feelz”


THC causes humans to get high man. Not one damn thing is unsibstantiated about that. Unless the cannabinoid receptors in your brain all died. So any product with THC is causing those effects, regardless of any medicinal value it may otherwise have.

There are “doctors” who write “prescriptions” for “medical” marajuana while wearing Jinco jeans and a rastafarian hat with dreads. That’s “healthcare” about as much as old timey doctors telling people to smoke lucky strikes or telling pregnant mothers to have two glasses of wine a day to “keep the baby small”.



Maybe not proof of the entire population but amongst teens usage did not go up.

And since you’re making the claim, shouldn’t the burden of proof be on you?


Why would anything change within a population that is already using it illegally?


Does any level of THC cause psychoactive effects? Does THC have any medicinal value?

Try looking at the work done on the substance in other countries. Israel in particular.

All of the relief others have gotten from the substance says otherwise. And it can be considered a gateway drug because it is a potential gateway from opioid addiction. But the pharma industry would rather see people suffer and even die, so they can make another buck. Fucking scumbags!


That’s cute. My sister claims the number of teens that buy her stuff (acquired via medical distribution) has gone way way up since Michigan legalized it.

That people use weed to get high? I have anecdotal evidence, and the chemical evidence of what THC does.

But to be honest, it’s you. I would put way more effort into debating with most posters on tnation, but certainly not the hamster guy