"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video

While this will only be up for this weekend, it is certainly worth a listen. Don’t be afraid to have your prejudices challenged as this is the type of therapy not allowed in the U.S. The public has no choice as markets need to be protected for the pharma industry whose “remedies” are entirely inferior. So you are not allowed to get better here because pharma will lose money and power. Afterall isn’t that what is really important?

In the effort of truthfulness this link was sent to me. I’m not trying to make money. Only a dissemination of information to those who are interested. If you don’t want to buy the series, then don’t At least you have a choice.

Can I use this in my garden?

Bullshit does tend to increase crop yields. Go for it.


That’s why Zep has roses growing out of his ears.





And a 125% chance of having to explain how their hair isn’t cultural appropriation. The irony.

Because the government says so Mr. socialist.

In all seriousness, if you approached this topic like Michael Phelan you’d get soooooo much more support.

But still, unproven and not a miracle…


Pretty sure we’ve gone over this before. The forum is not for promoting or advertising those types of infomercial videos, hence the edit.

If you want to talk about stem cells once again, go for it even though it’s safe to say we can predict how the thread will turn out - with well-supported facts being refuted by misinformed opinion.


Yes, at the behest of corporations who have bought them Mr. Free-market.

Here are a group of obviously PAID FOR testimonials of people who’ve had the procedure done at The Stem Cell Institute of Panama.


What is the ratio of people being harmed by stem cells vs. those who have been helped? What is this ratio when current synthetic chemicals are used to combat symptoms and not address the root cause?

How long ago was this procedure done?

As The Stem Cell Institute typically uses umbilical cord stem cells. They generally do not use adipose tissue stem cells.

They typically work much better than pharmaceuticals with lower cost and lower side effects

More bullshit in regards to the heart. Whoever claimed it to be a miracle? Compared to the profit-driven drugs of the pharma industry it is.


And your Forbes article comes across as mostly positive.

I will keep it in mind. Stem Cells are the medical future whose progress is being halted by big financial interests.

If politicians have been bought that’s both illegal and a weakness of the big government you champion, Mr. Holocaust denier.

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Good for these 7 people. I’m glad it helped them. It doesn’t help everyone.

We can’t know that because the Stem Cell Institute isn’t going to publish the numbers nor do they required disclosures of efficacy, nor is the environment controlled to where they could even offer to disclose efficacy. You’re just taking their word for it.

According to the people selling you the miracle…

You. You claim it to be a miracle. The video is literally called. "The Healing Miracle"

No shit, Sherlock.

IF? Are you really that blind? It all starts with the ultra-wealthy/corporations. Why do you think that all that money is donated to campaigns and spent on lobbyists? For the fun of it? Not expecting a return on that money?

Is that a reason for keeping it from being a choice of the public? Does pharma help everyone?

And you’re just taking the word for it, that it doesn’t and more studies need to be done. All the while people have to suffer as they cannot choose to have this therapy for chronic diseases in this country. All because of pharma’s greed.

Well, thanks for helping me make my point.

Loony Tunes conspiracies are all you ever bring to the table.

Ask the elites you support at the FDA why it’s not “a choice of the public”. Or, better yet, ask all those hamster-people from your study.

Yes, I am taking the word of experts conducting controlled clinical research over anecdotes from some dude who’s profile is Idrinkmyownstemcells87 or the Stem Cell Institute that has a vested (financial read capitalistic) interest in the use of Stem Cells as a treatment.

You’re an idiot. I said “In all seriousness, if you approached this topic like Michael Phelan you’d get soooooo much more support.” BECAUSE IT’S POSITIVE…

Isn’t there a way we can keep the crazy confined to the one original thread?


And the other thread has hamsters. Who gives up on that?!

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