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Stem Cell Injection for Mystery Lack of Arousal?

I hope this is appropriate to start a new thread on this topic.

I suffer from lack of arousal even though my levels all look pretty good, I’m healthy, typically feel pretty good, sometimes great, high libido, but lack of arousal leading to complete ED with a partner and even alone. My dick just doesn’t want to play ball.

I’m wondering if IV stem cells could help with this mystery imbalance I have? I’m assuming I suffer from this due to a few cycles of superdrol prohormone I did around 13 years ago. I recovered from the prohormones fine, had great sex and no side effects for years after. In the last 4 years I started experienced premature ejaculation (could only last a couple minutes). A year ago I started experiencing severe ED and in the last 4 months it’s become complete shut down, lack of arousal. I hypothesize this is due to damage done from the superdrol that took this long to manifest.

What are your thoughts on undifferentiated stem cells being injected IV as a broad spectrum shot-gun style treatment?

That’s a terrible idea and you could end up with a new kind of cancer previously unknown to science


I don’t want to sound like an “it’s all in your head” quack, but you just described the perfect progression of mental anxiety.

You experienced an overzealous period with the PE. Is it possible that you developed anxiety over that issue (worried about the implications of not lasting long enough to satisfy your partner) and that has progressed from there and gotten to the point of total arousal failure?

Everybody thinks that ED MUST must be a hormonal issue. Sometimes it is. A LOT of times it’s not. Anxiety, thought processes, mood changes due to stress, hell even how you feel about the significant other at the time ALL play a role in performance. It may have nothing to do with hormones at all!!

Just a thought.

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It’s just weird that I can’t get it up by myself anymore? If it is anxiety, what do I do?

I don’t “feel” any anxiety. I am very comfortable. Just dick just feels like dead weight

Give this a try. Don’t worry about it. Don’t touch it. Try not to even think about it for about two weeks. After that give it another shot and see what happens.

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You could see one of the whole range of therapists/psych docs. Also, have you even tried the bog standard dick pills? Checked out blood pressure? Got hormone bloodwork?

Don’t do this to yourself though:

This is like the second time in two weeks someone’s on here wanting to inject a ton of random stem cells and hope they make a beeline for his cock or traps or whatever.

Okay Deal. Starting now

What’s a bog standard dick pill? Yes I’ve had blood a few times in the last few months, no to little response from viagra, I masturbate like once a week only to monitor the condition. A year ago I almost had to masturbate almost every day. I also completely stopped getting morning wood and night time erections. I’ll even wake up from sex dreams completely flaccid. Hormones and everything check out. Thyroid is a little slow

Also, if you’re training hard, are you sure you’re feeding the training?

I did this to myself a while ago when I was doing Thibs’ Look Like a Bodybuilder/Perform Like an Athlete program. I used to make a point of training hungry and my sex life was at a standstill for a whole year. Thibs he say: if you’re not getting morning wood any more it’s an indicator you’re overtraining.

Of course nobody thinks they’re overtraining because who’s training hard enough, huh? But I started making a point of eating before training and it all came back. It could just be a consequence of training in a deficit.

I’m not over training. I’m not training like I used to. I’m doing your average workout to stay in shape and look good. 3 days a week of weights for 40 min, sets of 8-10. And a few days of 25-30 minutes of cardio. Definitely not overtraining. But I made it a point a few days ago to start packing weight on so I’ve increased my caloric intake. It just doesn’t make sense, I’m healthy and I feel pretty good. I have a really hard time waking up in the morning and I can burn out at work a little earlier than other guys around me but other than that I feel very strong and balanced.

I’m going to take your advice and not touch my dick or try to think about it for 2 weeks.

Actually that was someone else’s advice but I’ll try anything at this point. I’m having to turn down and make excuses to not hook up with beautiful girls on a weekly basis after making out with them at a bar all night. It’s very awkward.

This is a pretty easy fix (for the purposes of our proposed test here). Stay away from the bar for the duration of the two weeks. It would be a good idea to avoid alcohol for this period as well. The point is to try and eliminate as many external variables as possible, and tell yourself that sex (with yourself and with a partner) is completely off limits for two weeks. Take all the worry and stress out of it by agreeing to yourself that this is just how it’s going to be for two weeks. Avoid all stimuli and temptation. I’m very curious to see where this lands, or if you can even make it for the full two weeks. I won’t make any predictions here. Just let the results be whatever they’re going to be.

When you’ve tried Viagra before, you’re taking it more on an empty stomach, yes? I know when I take it, I need to NOT eat much prior to taking it or it won’t work.

Rule of thumb, for me, is take it 1 hour before meal or 2 hours after a meal.

Also, when you have taken it before, did you feel any effects of it? Like stuffy nose or an increase in vision intensity, like bright lights are bluish and more bright?

Okay, deal. Day 2 today. No touching or worrying or considering it.

The first time I took it I had a stuffy nose the next morning. Other times I notice such a minor effect. I haven’t taken it in a bit. Maybe it works a little bit but I always have food in my stomach.

Remember that it’ll only work on for erections if you’re aroused a bit.

I notice that on different protocols and on different days of said protocols that it works better or worse.

Next time you’re with your girl, try it on an empty stomach and see if you get a response.

I would also get a full blood panel done, including TT, FT, SHBG, prolactin, LH, DHEA-S, total estrogen and E2 (make sure it’s the sensitive test). Read the stickies up top. Also have a comprehensive thyroid blood screen done.

Tell us a little more about you: ever get depressed or deal with depression? Emotional? Anxiety? Reason I ask these things is to see if maybe you are off in terms of neurotransmission. When you drink coffee, do you feel great after for a bit? Alcohol, same thing?

Also discuss porn use. I do tend to buy into the fact that males can rewire their brain as to what’s arousing. Always watching gangbangs and more perverse stuff can make the ordinary (you and your gf sex) seem uninteresting, and therefore, unarousing.

And make sure to take a 100mg tab or two 50mg ones!


No I don’t get depressed. Yes I feel good after coffee and alcohol. I don’t really watch porn anymore now that I can’t get hard there’s no point.

I see. Reason I ask is that I’m trying to see if you get a dopamine response to those things.

You could also try supplementing with a little dhea to see if you get a response.