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Steigs - Training Log

Plus the hangover the next day

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16 September

So unenthused this morning when the alarm went off.

Cancelled my booking for a gym session on Friday and moved it to Saturday - hopefully an extra day of recovery will help.

Rack Pulls 4x6 130kg
Incline Bench DB Press 4x6 36kg

Romanian DL DB 4x6 34kg
Bench Press 4x6 90kg

Decline Cable Press 4x6 20kg each stack
BB Bicep Curl 4x6 30kg

Low Incline Hammer Curls 4x6 18kg
Hanging Knee Raises 4x12

Single Arm Cable Rear Delt Fly 4x12 3.75kg
Crunches 4x12


19 September

Front Squat 4x6 110kg
Chin Up 4x6

DB Lunges 4x6 18kg
45 Degree Incline DB Row 4x6 28kg

Triceps Extension DB Decline 4x6 16kg
Seated Wide Grip Row 4x6 45kg

Triceps Extension Cable 4x6 20kg
Lateral Raise DB 4x12 4kg

Decline Crunch 4x12
Front Raise DB 4x12 8kg

Front squats were a real grind.

Followed by 10 minutes of HIIT - got on the air dyne with the original intention of just going through the motions and then absolutely hammered it.

20 secs on / 10 secs off for 10 minutes with working Watts output of 450+

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21 September

Incline DB Bench 4x8 36kg
Bent Over Wide Grip Cable Row 4x8 35kg

Decline Bench Press Barbell 4x8 80kg
Incline Row Dumbbell 4x8 28kg

Chest Fly 4x8 10kg
Seated Poliquin Dumbbell Raise 4x8 6kg

Skullcrusher EZ Bar 3x15 plus 10kg
Triceps Pushdown Cable V Bar 3x15 15kg

Incline Curl Dumbbell 3x15 8kg
Bicep Curl EZ Bar 3x15 plus 10kg


23 September

Squat 4x8 120kg
Seated Leg Curl 4x8 55kg

Lunge Dumbbell 4x8 18kg
Romanian Deadlift Dumbbell 4x8 34kg

Lunge Dumbbell 4x8 14kg
Leg Extension 4x8 47.5kg

Hanging Leg Extension 3x15
Crunches 3x15

My legs are absolutely fried. Was dead at the end of the session. God knows how I’m going to run at tomorrow’s rugby training…


like a marathon finisher !!! LOL

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24 September

Rugby training - seriously humid this evening and fitness was a bitch

25 September

Decline Dumbbell Bench 4x8 28kg
Wide Grip Pull Ups 4x8

Incline Barbell Bench Press 4x8 60kg
Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown 4x8 50kg

Arnold Press 4x8 16kg
Bent Over Dumbbell Rear Delt Lat Raises 4x8 4kg

Triceps Dips 3x15
Triceps Cable Extension 3x15 10kg (can go heavier next time)

Preacher Curl EZ Bar 3x15 15kg
Hammer Curl Dumbbells 3x15 12

27 September

10k run - 51:14

So annoyed - was aiming for sub-50.

At your size anything close to 50 is still nice work. I am guessing ti was warm and humid as hell out there too ? or was this on the treadmill?

Cheers buddy.

I got out first thing this morning and ran along the canal down to Marina Bay. Fortuitously, this was probably the first morning in weeks where it was (relatively) cool.

The fault in missing sub-50 is firmly with me, looking at my splits, I lost it around 4/5km part when my pacing went awry.

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28 September

Weight 98.2kg

Trying to stay motivated on the leaning out process - started at around 103kg back in July and am now at around 98kg. Feel as though I am seeing progress in body composition, but the scales aren’t really moving. Feel like I probably need to be around 92ish to be at 8%, which is the point at which I will switch it up to putting on muscle. That said, I am seeing some changes in composition and objectively speaking I am still getting stronger in my lifts.

Head f**k.

These photos are ten weeks apart.