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Steigs - Training Log: T-Ransformation Log 2018/2019



@mortdk is right. You could sit back a little more but that’s nitpicking. My reason for saying that is different though. Your arms aren’t perpendicular to the ground. You could roll the bar forward a bit but that would more than likely pull you forward at the start of the pull. Dropping your hips a bit and leaning back more might fix that issue.

Your form is pretty solid. I don’t worry about my shin angle. I just try to push through my mid foot (not the heels or toes) and pull in a straight line.


It looks ok, but you could drop your hips more and jump into the pull, quickly transferring uour weight from front to back of your feet.


If you pause the video just as you begin the pull on your 150 you will see the shoulders are in front of the bar. As the weight lifts off the floor the bar is going to move forwards as it will always hang perpendicular to the ground (secondary school physics). I would say you could lock your lats in a little harder, @MarkKO uses the cue to squeeze oranges in your armpits), and then you just need to keep the potosioning you have but move everything’s anti clockwise a couple of degrees. What I mean is your position is good but if you drop your hips a little, this will in turn bring your shoulders back and your shins more vertical. I hope this makes sense. @MarkKO May be able to translate this better.


Nah, it makes sense. You can try pulling the slack out of the bar, squeeze oranges in your armpits, straighten legs and take your air, brace hard, weight on balls of feet and drop your butt, jump into the pull shifting your weight to your heels rapidly.


Cheers for all the feedback. Think I get what has been said. Small takeaways that I can work on without a complete overhaul. I agree with the comment about locking in on lats. Something I maybe forget so it is good to be reminded of that.

I’ll make the tweaks and post some more videos once I think I’ve successfully implemented the changes.

25 November

Weight 94.3kg - up after a relaxed weekend of eating. Had planned to eat in anticipation of this road run I was due to do up a local mountain and then it was cancelled as my wife and I were loading the car to set out for the start (couple of hours drive away). I suppose it would have been possible for me to do a run anyway but we ended up having a seriously lazy day of it and just being a couple without the need to run around doing chores. That said, I got so guilty I made us go and do a gym session on Friday evening.

Anyway, ended up eating off plan this weekend. Weight is up as a result. Struggling mentally to deal with that but trying hard to reconcile that a weekend off plan won’t undo the work that preceded it.

Gym session today was brutal - not sure I’ve sweated so much lifting in a long time but I had nothing in the tank. Usual weights felt 10 times as heavy. Just ground it out.

BB Back Squats - 4 sets: 60kg 8 100kg 6 140kg 2 (no chance was I going to get a working set out at this) 110kg 2 8 8 8 8

Prime Leg Press - 3 sets: 100kg 12 113kg 12 122kg 12
BB Hip Thrusts From Pins - 3 sets: 80kg 12 12 12

Leg Extension - 3 sets: 45kg 12 12 12
Hammie Curls - 3 sets: 48kg 12 12 12


For anyone that may be interested (precious few), I share a couple of the photos from the recent shoot I did.





Are you a coach or trainer or were these just for fun? If I ever got lean enough then I think it’d be fun to capture that physique for all time with a photo shoot.


Looking incredible buddy.


@JMaier31 the gym my wife and I train at put us forward for this shoot and we thought it might be a bit of fun. Nice to have it captured so that we can look back on this and say we did manage to survive 9 weeks of cutting and getting ourselves into shape. Also gave us a focus with regard to that cut.

@kd13 cheers matey


Looks like you added some quality weight, nice job!


Looking awesome man!


27 November

Weight - 92.8kg

Deadlift - 4 sets: (Warm up 60kg 8 100kg 4) 140kg 8 8 8 8

Flat DB Bench - 3 sets: 34kg 10 10 11
Seated Mag Grip Row - 3 sets: 61kg 12 64kg 12 12

Incline BB Bench - 3 sets: 60kg 12 12 14
Prime NG Lat Pull Down - 3 sets: 59kg 15 64kg 15 15

Decline Seated Cable Flys - 3 sets: 55kg 15 15 12
Cable Tricep Pull Downs - 3 sets: 91kg 15 15 10

Seated Machine EZ Bar Curls - 2 sets: 31kg 15 15


@yonkey cheers. The plan was to try and use the post-cutting period from June to September to really focus on trying to gain some size and strength. I think it went well and my weight (as compared to June 2017 is up by 5kg at around a similar bf so seem to have achieved it). Mentally, I am done with cutting for a while and now want to focus on maintenance at this level/trying to learn to shift some bigger weights. But always conscious that I need to be doing it with good form - can’t be lifting with that ego!

@littlesleeper - cheers, bud!


Yer looking great mate. I hate you, lol


You jumped on the bulking bandwagon so I bet we can convince you to jump on the cutting bandwagon next year.


I think I wrote in my log a few weeks back. Bulk till Jan 1 and then I am going to cut. Then just rinse and repeat for back end of next year. Ab city here we come. Lmao


28 November

BB Flat Bench - 4 sets: (Warm up 60kg 8 80kg 8) 90kg 8 8 8 7

Squats - 4 sets: (Warm up 60kg 8 100kg 8) 120kg 8 8 8 8

Seated Low Row - 3 sets: 50kg 12 60kg 12 12 12
65 degree DB Press - 3 sets: 25kg 12 12 12

Straight Bar Pulldown - 3 sets: 45kg 15 15 15
Cable Fly - 3 sets: 50kg 15 15 45kg 15

EZ Bar Bicep Curl - 3 sets: Bar plus: 10kg 15 15 15
DB Lat Raises Seated - 3 sets: 6kg dbs 15 15 15

Ab Roll Outs - 3 sets: 15 15 15