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Steigs - Training Log: T-Ransformation Log 2018/2019



16 November

Had a fun pump session for the shoot at 11am - mainly some DB presses, seated row, DB bicep curls, triceps pull downs - anything to help swell up.

Then 9 holes with my wife. She went out with the girls to celebrate all her hard work, so I thought I’d head to the gym and get a session in. Came in with no plan and boy does it show.

Deadlift - 60kg 8 100kg 5 5 120kg 5 130kg 5 5 5 5 5

Incline DB Bench - 60kg 12 70kg 8 8 60kg 8 8 8 8 10

Seated NG Low Row - 45kg 12 12 12

Dips - 12 12 12

EZ Bar plus 10kg Seated Bicep Curls - 12 12 12

Run - 5 mins at 12km/h


18 November

Weight - 90.6kg

Strength programme is going to be the next focus. Today was a testing session to see where I am after 9 weeks of being in a pretty hard deficit.

Deadlift - 60kg 8 100kg 5 120kg 5 130kg 5 140kg 5 150kg 5 160kg 4

Bench - 60kg 8 100kg 5 5 4


For comparison to the above post from today…

It would see as though I have lost around 10kg on my deadlift - although comparing trap bar deads with conventional deads isn’t perfect and around 2.5kg on my bench. I’m pretty happy with that. I genuinely think once I am fed up after the deficit and now that I am finally seemingly able to get a better contraction in my right shoulder and retract and depress the scapula that I may see some good improvement on these numbers… we’ll see.

I’m also working very hard to accept that my weight will increase slightly over the coming weeks as I slowing increase my macros. Rationally I know that this has to happen if I am to grow, but my BDD makes me rail against this. It will be a challenge.


18 November

Run - 15 minutes at 12km/h

19 November

Weight - 92.0kg - hopefully this is just water weight. I’ve not had a ‘blow out’ meal since the shoot on Friday and have just upped my carbs intake to get my total calorie intake closer to my maintenance level; estimate that even now I am shy of that intake too.


20 November

Weight - 92.0kg

Deadlift - 4 sets: (Warm up 60kg 6 100kg 4) 140kg 8 8 8 8

Flat DB Bench - 3 sets: 34kg 10 10 9
Seated Mag Grip Row - 3 sets: 61kg 10 10 10

Incline BB Bench - 3 sets: 60kg 12 12 12
Prime NG Lat Pull Down - 3 sets: 61kg 12 12 12

Seated Machine EZ Bar Bicep - 2 sets: 31kg 15 15


After a long period of getting in shape for the shoot, today was the first strength orientated session I have done in a while.

Loved putting some proper (all relative) weight on the bar and moving. I have never been that comfortable with deadlifting and I am trying to use this phase to ingrain the movement and get stronger in it. I feel as though I am getting tight and it is feeling smooth. One question I have for those that have more experience than me (@littlesleeper I’m looking to you) is, is it a good sign that I am taking most of the skin off of my shins. I know that I need to keep the bar tight, but does that suggest I am overdoing it or need to vary my set up slightly?


Unfortunately, yes, this is common for a proper bar path during a deadlift. Not everyone requires contact with their shins during their pulls (leverages, stance, etc), but I’ve had bloody shins through my high socks before from deadlifting.
This is especially true once the weight starts approaching a higher % of my 1RM. My lighter sets I can get away with leaving the bar a tad out in front, leaving my shins alone.
I appreciate the tag, and I’ll tag a few more who are definitely more in tune with form than I am. @MarkKO @JMaier31 @simo74 @mortdk (There are definitely more peeps out there, but these fellas have offered valuable suggestions on my form, more than once).


I’m fortunate and don’t scrape my shins, but it’s a common thing. That’s why you see people wearing their knee sleeves on their shins or high socks.

Have you tried different stances - sumo or semi sumo (aka squat stance for some)? Changing the width of your feet might eliminate the scraping.


I didn’t realize you were taking the first photo and I thought “Why is the photographer shirtless!?” :joy:


@littlesleeper is spot on. It’s very common for the bar to travel up the shins especially as you get to maxing out. If you don’t want to look all banged up then Best thing is a pair of long socks or some calf sleeves. It maybe worth doing a video of your deadlift from the side so we can see your set up. If your feet are too far under the bar then you may be pulling the bar back into your shins more than you need to. Post something up and I’m sure the list of guys littlesleeper tagged above will jump in with help if needed.


@littlesleeper @jmaier31 @simo74 thanks for all of the comments. I guess I’ll just toughen up. I asked someone to watch me run through some deads last night and he suggested I was maybe going a little low with my hips in the bottom of the movement so that my knees were tracking a little too far over the bar and, therefore, giving the bar nowhere to go but along my shins.

I’ll see if I can keep my hips higher and make it a less bloody experience and I’ll ask my wife to film some working sets next time we’re in the gym together.


Maybe try to keep your shins more vertical, so sit back more. This will pull the bar back into the shins but because the shins are already vertical you shouldn’t tear them up too much.


Everyone’s body is a little different. There’s no specific technique in terms of joint angles. I start with my hips a bit higher than some folks because it’s where I’m strong. I tried getting my hips lower and I just ended up moving my hips first in the movement. The bar didn’t move until my hips were in the higher position. I guess I could fight it and try to force it but my form works for me.

A video can be useful. You don’t even have to post it - just seeing yourself can be helpful because you can connect the dots between what you feel and how you actually look.


I think most have been said around here, DL is a little different for everybody.
I’ll just go with @JMaier31 and say that if you do a couple of heavy doubles or triples and go with a mix of touch and go and dead stop then you strongest position is on rep two and three.
Take a video and see if your setup is very close to were your body is at, on rep two and three. I think a some people start lower with the hip than they need to.


I saw your Instagram video. Your form is great with that weight. Were you scraping your shins during that set?

Heavy sets really reveal your technique but if you maintain that form then you’re great. The scraping of the shins may just be something you have to deal with. The length of the femur and tibia/fibula kind of dictates where things will line up when you pull.


@mortdk @jmaier31

Thanks for the comments. As I said, next time I am in the gym with my wife I will ask her to take a video of me going for it with a load. That instagram video is https://www.instagram.com/p/BjJTw-Jg2O7/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

The load was seriously light - it really was about me trying to groove the form. From memory I think I only had 40kg plus the bar. I will try and get a video with a decent weight to see if I maintain those positions under stress.

Big thanks for the comments and suggestions though.

No, @jmaier31, under that load my shins were safe and blood free.


22 November

Flat BB Bench - 4 sets: (60kg 8 80kg 8) 90kg 8 8 8 7

Decline Atlantis Press - 4 sets: 100kg 8 8 110kg 8 115kg 8

Seated Incline DB Press - 3 sets: 24kg 12 12 12

Seated Cable Fly - 3 sets: 55kg 15 15 15
Tricep Cable Pull Down - 3 sets: 91kg 15 15 15

Seated EZ Bar Bicep Curls - 2 sets: 31kg 15 15


23 November

KB Swings - 24kg 12 12

BB Deadlift - 60kg 8 100kg 5 130kg 6 150kg 5 130kg 8

Shoulder Press - 60kg 12 12 12

Low Row - 45kg 15 15 15



@mortdk @littlesleeper @simo74 @JMaier31
I’ve uploaded a couple of videos with me adding some weight. Any feedback will be gratefully received. Keen to nail form before I start aggressively loading it.


Thanks for the tag Steig
I think it looks pretty good,
Your shins could be more vertical, so if you could sit back a little more.
BUT I’m really not that good at coaching.
Maybe @khangles would chime in here. He really has helped me a ton.
@MarkKO is another one.