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Steigs Critique Away

Age 30
Height 188cm
Weight 91.7kg

Please feel free to critique away. Realise there isn’t a shot of my legs and I’ll try to remedy that, but I reckon I’m generally balanced there. Definitely get the deadlifts and squats in. Not sure how much weekly half marathons and trail runs takes it out of my legs though.
In terms of upper, I generally feel as though I need to work on rear delt and rhomboids. This is something I’ve been working hard to correct over the last six months. I badly injured my right shoulder ten years ago and as a result my right lat massively compensated for all lifts and became quite dominant. Over the past six months I’ve finally started to get some mmc in my upper back and correct my shoulder development. Slow burn but it is coming.

Looking pretty good man. You can definitely see where you’ve been injured so I’d do my best to get symmetry there

Other than that, your lats need some work otherwise great work.