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Stefan's Log

Well here goes nothing…

Age: 20
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 220 lb

Been training for about a year and a half now. Made good gains with 5/3/1 and will continue with it after I finish Smolov for my squat and Smolov Jr. for my bench.

My stats as of now: 1 RM’s

Haven’t really tested these in for a couple months.

Had a good session this morning.

Currently on the third week of Smolov Jr. and the second week of Smolov for my squat.

5x7 210

This is the base cycle. Got these sets done in about 45 minutes. The reps didn’t really get to me. Every set went pretty well. The last one was definitely the toughest.

6x6 160

These were also pretty easy as well. The volume is definitely getting to my shoulders. I have a throbbing pain in my right shoulder. The left isn’t as bad. Icing is one thing I’m doing to help with the pain.

I really don’t follow any specific diet, but I stay away from sugar. Drink lots of milk and consume a lot of Greek yogurt.

After my workout I had a glass of chocolate milk and Greek yogurt. Went for a swim and then got a Little Caesar’s pizza for $5. Cant beat the price.

Got a good session in today after work!

Today was easily the hardest workout for my squat I’ve had while running Smolov.

220 7x5

Bench went very smooth. No shoulder pain, I guess those 3 Ibuprofen I took beforehand worked well.

7x5 170

I hate training on days I work, especially after work but you got to do what you got to do.

Today was the final work set of Week 2 of Smolov. The first few sets went well. Towards the end my form broke down a little. Fatigue definitely set in.

235 3x10

I was also supposed to bench today but the shoulders are not feeling too well. Going to take Sunday off also and finish on Monday with Smolov Jr.

Last week of the Base Cycle with Smolov. Definitely getter harder.

205 4x9

I’ll be starting 5/3/1 next week for all my lifts. I’m hoping my shoulder feels a lot better next week.

Last two days of Smolov.

5x7 200

7x5 230

Both felt great. Last workout is tomorrow. I’m excited to test my new max next week.

The last workout for smolov went well but I had to cut it short due to shoulder pain. Was supposed to do 10 sets, only did five.

245 10x3

245 5x3

I am taking off till Wednesday. I’m going to ice my shoulder and try to heal it. I will test my new max Wednesday. I’ll probable shoot for around 270-280. Also, that day I will start 5-3-1 back up for all four of my lifts.

Alright, tested my new squat max today. Got up to 280 with great form. So my max jumped 25 pounds in a month. I’m pretty happy with the results.

New Maxes for 5/3/1- All 90% of true 1 RM

Deadlift- 340
Bench- 185
Squat- 250
OH Press- 95… Just now starting this, haven’t ever really worked it.

First day of DL-
290x5 + 3

Kroc Rows-
RH-80 lbs x27
LH-80 lbs x20… for some reason my left is weaker than my right. Will have to fix that.

3 reps at 1 min. each.

OH Press DAY!!!

Strict OH Press-
60 x5
70 x5
80 x5- Should’ve done more but felt like I pulled something above my left tricep.

55 5x10

Chin Ups-

Bw x40
BW + 5lbs x10

Everything felt pretty good today. I need to work on my Press form. Still a little new to me.

First day of squatting since testing my new max.


5x 160
5x 190
5x 210 + 3

Bulgarian Split Squats

3x8 Per leg with 55lb DBs


3x 1 min.

Surprisingly, my abs were sore from all the chin-ups yesterday. I’ve never had that happen before. nonetheless, that’s a good thing.

Bench Week 1 of 5/3/1

120 x5
140 x5
160 x5 + 3

BBB Assistance
125 5x10

Between sets of this I did sets of chin-ups, some weighted, some not. I felt kind of weak during the BBB assistance, not sure why.

35 reps with BW
15 reps with 10lbs

Overall a good day.

2nd Week of Deadlift

3x 240
3x 270
3x 305 + 2

DB Rows
100lb 3x12

3x 1 min

Cycle 1, Week 2, OHP

65 x3
75 x3
85 x3 + 4… Same thing happened again with the heaviest set. In my left arm, near the top by my shoulder I get a sharp pain. I think it happens when I dont stay tight, not really sure. This is the only time that part of my arm ever hurts. It’s really weird.

BBB Assistance-
60 5x10

These sets felt good.

BW x35
BW+10lb x15
BW+25lb x10

Total of 60

Also, I am not sure if people read my log, but feel free to shoot me some advice. I am still a beginner so I am open to it all.

Cycle 1, Week 2, Squat

170 x3
190 x3
215 x3 + 4…This last set felt great!

BBB Assistance-
140 5x10

These were super easy, will use 60% of my max next week.

3x 1min

Overall a great session!

Cycle 1, Week 2, Bench

130 x3
150 x3
165 x3 + 4

BBB Assistance
125 5x10

Chin-Ups… Did these in between bench sets
BW x30

BW x50

Another great session. Also, I’m heading to a Chinese buffet for lunch so I’m pretty exited!!

Cycle 1, Week 3, Deadlift

255 x5
290 x3
325 x1 + 4

Kroc Rows
Right-100lb x25
Left-100 x18

I am still weaker on the left side and need to fix this.

135 x25
180 x20
180 x20

On the first set I had got this weird pain near the back, bottom left part of my head. It felt like a huge knot, I reset with these lighter weights and it went away. It hurt pretty bad, though.

3x 1 min

Cycle 1, Week 3, OHP

70 x5
80 x3
90 x1 + 5

BBB Assistance-
60 5x10

53 xBW

Shrugs… Working on my yoke!
200 2x20

Cycle 1, Week 3, Squat

190 x5
210 x3
240 x1 +3… slightly fell forward on the last rep, should’ve stayed tighter.

BBB Assistance
170 5x10

3x 1 min

Kind of a rushed session due to the fact I only had an hour,but it didn’t hurt my performance.

Just got some sled work in at my farm!!

6x, About 30 yards then I would turn and go back.

Tire Flip-

I guess you could say this is a sled…

Those are some pretty strong chins stefan!!! How are you doing those? What sort of grip/form do you use?