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SteelyD & Performance Enhancing Drugs


Over the last few months, Steely Danielson has been tearing through threads on T-Nation like no other. From my observations over the time I've been here, Mr. Danielson has been funny in occasional spurts but nothing significant. Recently, he has made more members here "lmao" than anyone else and even earned an elusive "LMFAO"

It makes no sense how a guy that is only known for cooking can suddenly become a comedic mastermind. Some say its due to the lack of other funny members that he stands out. I venture to say it is something more.

Steely, is a known comrade with T-Nations Vegita, who has admitted proudly to using enhancements. It is quite horrifying to think Steely is risking his well being in the name of humor. If it is the case, dont find it too shocking as strange is the norm nowadays.

Questions surround this man yet he remains silent. Perhaps a statement will be given in the near future.


I too have noticed Steely's epic rise in the comedy scene, I've never seen anything like it.


I had no idea anyone even reads my posts. I'm humbled.

The only thing I can think of is that I was recently involved in a freak accident and got a blast from a radioactively contaminated can of Pam cooking spray.




I, too, have noticed this phenomenon as of late.

Steely was always naturally witty, but there were days that were average at best. Then, he'd disappear for a while, then come back funnier than ever..... That's when I started to get suspicious.

Now, when Steely posts, it's like an instant classic! He's like BAM! Gold! Pure hilarity!

I'm to the point where I don't even want to post anymore..... I mean, why bother? Steely will just laugh at my foolish post and put something totally dominating, without any effort. It just isn't natural.

The last time i've witnessed similar dominance, was right before Vegita admitted to using FED's. Something wreaks of funneh.


You disgust me.


Now THAT'S more like it!

I thought I was losing my edge...


I can't believe that people nowadays have to yell "drugs!" whenever someone is better than them. I remember back in my day we respected those bigger... I mean funnier than us. Fucking youtube generation, ass hats... hamburger.


then there was that time steely smacked me around for not laughing at one of his jokes...Those things are killing you steely! weeps on the shoulder of ct. rock


Please. Arnold has admitted to using now-illegal performance enhancers, and that was in the 70s. I don't know if you've ever watched Pumping Iron or any of the many decades-old clips of him, but Arnold was funny as shit way before youtube.

Steely certainly isn't the first to juice this way.


Awww, maannn-- that was just 'teh rage' from, uhh, wait-- I'll take the 5th....


synthol enhanced jokes i tell ya!!





all i heard was burger...?



I was told that Lanky writes all Steely's material.

Wol didn't tell me that.


Who's SteelyD??

And where the fuk is Maine??? Thats not even a real country, I call bullshit on his entire HUB.


True. He's "Fred" to my "Howard"


Maine is that little communist country east of the New Hampshire Maple Curtain. You know, where the fish and women are big and tasty.

You can tell the natives because they sound like retarded Massholes, but they talk.a.lit.tle.slow.aah .... AYUH!