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Steelhead Brewery

Anyone who lives in Portland OR. or the Bay Area in Cali. Needs to go to one of these Breweries and try the cask style IPA. It is arguably the best IPA I have ever tasted.

Hmmm, Horace, WHEN were you in Portland? I’m hurt that you didn’t SAY anything about coming to Portland.

Anyways...bein' a *ahem* local beer connoissuer, Steelhead IPA? Have you tried anything by Full Sail? Or how about Bridgeport? Blue Heron makes a fine beer, too. OH, just my opinion...

I love IPA’s! Probably my favorite is at the Widmer Brewery in Portland OR. They only have it there on tap and the atmosphere isn’t much but wow is it a good one. Also, like Patricia, Full Sail and Bridgeport both make great IPA’s. And there is Lagunita’s Maximus! Ooohh…the free day…!

ive never been to portland I just know there is a Steelhead brewery there.

As a denizen of the ‘dark realm’ of brews, I tend to avoid IPAs. They never have done much for me. Considering that it’s nearby, I may give it a go however. IPAs just never have really done it for me, in fact… a large number I didn’t like at all.

if you are in the bay area you should try Moylans in Novato. All of their brews are very very good. Their Irish Kiltlifter and Imperial Stouts are great. I like all of their brews. I’ve sampled all of them. They are hard to find in stores. I’m more of a dark brew guy but their IPA’s are REALLY good too

Okay, Horace. I see…however, if you’re ever in Portland, Ko and I can recommend some mighty tasty beers and places to go to drink them beers…

Ike, Boont makes a good IPA that has a "pop" to it. I like it better than Fat Tire (which is quite popular). In Portland, there is a Lucky Labrador Pub and their Dog Day IPA is pretty damn tasty. And I am NOT a IPA gal. I like my Black Butte Porter, Obsidian Stout beers, thank you very much. And of course, Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Ah, beer.

Black Butte Porter is, in my opinion, the finest American brew I’ve yet to encounter, and I have more than a few under my belt. Perhaps it was the circumstances under which I first had it (remind me to tell the story if we get a chance to lift, it’s better in person), but it’s always been a favorite of mine. Obsidian, for me, is getting almost to dark, if there is such a thing. Since it seems you’re into darks, I can recommend some ‘gutes deutsches Bier’, if you can find an import beer store. ‘Altbayerishe Dunkel Lager’ and ‘Franciskaner Dunkel Hefeweizen’ are both excellent, and if I can find them down here in Corvallis, I’m sure they’re in P-town.

Being from Seattle, I like Redhook’s IPA. If anyone is in Seattle this fall or winter, stop by the Pyramid Brewery and have their SNOWCAP! Yum:)

Ooops, Boonts is a Amber. My bad. Ike: Damn straight there are plenty of places in Portland that sell imported beer! Yum. There was one place, Burlingame Grocery that had the largest selection of beer in town, every time I went in the back to where the beer was, it made me speechless. It was such a awesome sight sigh. However, last summer, it burnt to the ground. One of the saddest days in the life of any beer drinker. But there are several other small markets that sell plenty of beer. But, for the next two weeks, no beer for me. When I get back from Atlanta, you betcha I’m havin’ a brew! Or two…or three…:slight_smile:

Black Butte rocks! Try Red Tail Ale, hoppy and around 8% abv.

So you know of Black Butte as well? Another member of the growing Oregon-pack, or have you just passed through this area and picked up on some damn tasty beer?