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Steelers Trade Holmes to Jets for 5th-Rounder


The New York Jets acquired talented but troubled wide receiver Santonio Holmes from the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night for a fifth-round draft pick this month, sources confirmed by ESPN.com.


Did a quick search and couldn't find any mentioning of him on T-Nation except for this unrelated thread: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sex_girls_pictures_hot_pics_photo_women/santonio_holmes_penis_is_impressive


I think this happened because of two things:

1) Nightclub incident with a girl. I'm not sure if he sexually assaulted her, but he did something stupid or was accused of it at least.

2) His dick pics being posted everywhere, especially T-Nation. White Flash enjoyed that thread.

Jets just got a little bit better. I wonder how soon they'll trade Ben Rothelisburger.

The answer?



As a life long Steeler fan I'm reeling this morning...WTF?

Mike Wallace you are now the future at wideout.

Limas Sweed you just might get one more shot.

Big Ben pay attention.

There's a rumour that Holmes might get a four game suspension soon...weed.

Most of the time a player leaves Pittsburgh and he dissapears...not this time, he's just starting to hit his prime. Jets just got an early xmas present and all you had to give away was a fifth rounder.

Fuck, fuckin' fucker's.


YES! To all us J-E-T-S fans.... A 5th round pick. That's a steal. Edwards on 1 side Holmes on the other w/Cotch in the slot & Keller on the end. I'm not the biggest fan of trouble makers, but I like this move. Certainly adds the deep ball threat.


While a douchebag, holmes was real good. If that trade was only for a 5th rounder, thats fucking stupid. I know the Rooneys dont put up with shit, but they coulda got more than that.

That being said im glad they resigned Randal El, between him and wallace theyre gonna look deep.


You realize that Big Ben has gotten into a major motorcycle accident and wore no helmet, was accused of sexual assault, and was recently accused of another case of sexual assault.

I think they're equal in the douchebag department.


Him and his huge cack are taking the Jets to the Super Bowl this year.


^It would not surprise me if the Steelers draft a qb & even go as far as hang Ben out for trade-bait. This is what I think is needed for him to get his shit together. Time to grow up Ben.


Doubtful. That man has brought them multiple Super Bowl rings and is the playmaker of that offense.

I have heard that he's not liked by the Pittsburgh community off the field.


The Steelers were not planning on resigning him after this season, even before all of this bullshit happened. With the 4 game suspension (the real reason for the trade), the Jets basically gave up a 5th round pick for 12 games with a good but not great WR that has potential and lots of off-field issues to go along with it. One more drug offense and he's suspended for a full year. If he gets charged with assault in Atlanta he's probably out for 8 games. It was not worth it for the Steelers to keep him for 2010.

As for Ben, you can't really get rid of a guy for getting accused of shit. Rumor has it that he won't be charged in this case either, but we will know for sure at 2pm EST.

EDIT:^^^^^^^^Especially when that guy is your 2-time SB winning franchise QB that you just invested over $100 million in. He would have to be convicted of a felony to be traded or released.


I heard Big Ben is a douchebag outside of the football field. You know anything about that?


Also don't forget about JH and his baby momma problems. They definetly have their share of shitheads...and winners who are good people. Just like every other team.

Re: Big Ben...there is a good reason he doesn't have a big following in his own locker room. Saying the right things and doing the right things are worlds apart for some folks. Athletes or not.

They are going to hand down a decision on his latest case today.


Yea, looks like AFC East will be a little more competitive next year


I didn't say they would trade Ben. I said it might not be a bad idea to dangle a bit & see if something will sink into that thick ass head of his. Also w/the Rooney's, they're old school. If the silverware needs to be tossed, than the silverware will get tossed.

Polo, you a Patz fan?


I have no personal experience with the guy. I saw him play a charity basketball game once but I have never had any firsthand personal contact. I have heard the same things but everything I've heard (in terms of negative stories) is 4th or 5th hand at best. I've lived here my whole life and I don't know a single person that's had a negative run in with the guy. Though the only people I know that have met him are girls I used to date, and none of them have anything bad to say about him.

I've heard from friends of mine that work in bars and nightclubs that he is never seen without his entourage of security, and pretty much the only people that can get near him are attractive females. That is all any of them can say for certain. Everything else is speculation.

Keep in mind that Pittsburgh has a long history of hating QBs. I'm not quite sure why this is, but it is a pattern that has repeated itself numerous times. Bradshaw was called stupid and it was said that he owed all of his success to the defense and running game. He won 4 fucking SBs and Pittsburgh couldn't wait to get rid of him. Neil O'Donnell was run out of town after SB XXX when the same receiver ran the wrong route twice, resulting in 2 INTs that lost the game. Kordell Stewart was run out of town amidst rumors that he was a homosexual. He took us to 2 AFC championship games. Tommy Maddox was run out of town by people dumping garbage on his lawn for about a month straight after he lost a game against Jacksonville in 05. He had us one play away from an AFC championship game in 02. Now Ben wins two rings and people talk shit on him like it's a full time job.

I like living here, but the schizophrenic people and sportswriters in this town drive me insane. Personally, Ben could be the biggest dickbag since dicks were invented and I could care less as long as he wins on Sundays and doesn't hurt anyone off the field.


what do YOU think?


Very well said regarding QB's in Pittsburgh. I'm guilty of hating on O'Donell lol. Especially the last paragraph, I feel the same way. I see two more SB's for Ben, minimum.

Are the Jets becoming Raiders East?


^^ I think you're queer & one of many lover boyz for T. Brady. That's what I think.


I've been a fan of the pats since I can remember ... don't hate on Brady cuz he's a hall of fame qb with a supermodel wife ... jealousy brings out the worst in people :slightly_smiling:


^ I know, & I hate you.