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Steel Sledge movements/ Elevators

This is a new movment Paul Smith and i designed using the Steel Sledge. Begin the movment with the 20lb Steel Sledge. Once you become comfortable with the 20lb sledge you can move on to the 30lb (this thing is a beast).

Benefits (balance, coordination, selective tension, grip strength, shock absorbing ability, static strength of the arms, move from acceleration to deceleration)

Grab the Sledge with one hand close to the head.Next with a little dip in the knees toss the sledge in the air and catch it a little further down the handle. Repeat this sequence two more times for a total of three throws. Now drop the sledge three times as your hand moves back towards the head. The sledge will move up and down with a elevator like appearance. This is more difficult than it appears. Once you have moved the Sledge all the way up and back down you have completed a set.

thank you
Coach Hale