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Steel Mace/Clubs & Weight Training Program

Whats up everyone.
I’m a 47 year old fire captain with an abused body from decades of overreaching weight training and almost 20 years of firefighting.

I’m 5’11 and at around 194 lbs
I’m eating 2100 to 2500 calories on my good days and on bad days 3000 or more and it ain’t clean.
Macros at 2100 are 240 protein 150 carbs and 70 fat

About 2.5 years ago I hit the wall and my body just shut down. To fix it I went and found the best coach I could and the 1st thing we did was started from scratch and re-learned my squat & deads. Within weeks of that I started training with kettlebells, Steel mace and clubs.

The Steel mace proved to be a game changer and I was so enthralled by it I went out and got myself 3 different certifications in mace training and my NASM-CPT.

I started a podcast and have been exploring the many uses of mace and rotational movement. I have to admit that i got carried away and my basic lifting took a backseat but that was only temporary.

Now I’m training like this…


But I still use a mace or club in just about every workout. For example on leg day I will warm up with a mace flow where I do lunges to prepare my legs and various swings to help my upper body and core warm up and activate better. In between sets of squats I will do more swings or mills to open my chest and counter act the compressive forces from the barbell on my back.

I will be posting up my workouts here cause I have always loved T Nation and read all the articles and love this forum… plenty of good people who like to help each other out.

If anyone is interested in learning about the steelmace you can look it up. You may find me out there. I’m not gonna post my website or YouTube or any SM here because I’m not trying to promote here and be respectful. You can message me if you wanna know anything.

Today’s workout was LEGS in my home gym

Warm up mace flow with 10lb mace

Squats 185 5x5 followed by 10lb mace 360s

SLDL 135 4 x 8-10 followed by outside mills

Banded lunge (the band gets stretched as your front leg goes into extension. Really isolates the quads)

Kettlebell swings 70lb x 20 x 3

To finish up and get some cardio I did 20 lb mace 10&2 for 5 min.

Squats were light today cause I just came off my 24 hr shift and my nap sucked.

Diet today is on the carby side to see if I can recover from shift and avoid junk food.

See ya at the next post !

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Back & Chest

Training at The Pit

Warm up
15lb Mace(360s) & 35lb club semi circle low swings

DB row… 70lb 4 x 8
Machine lat high pull down 4 sets

Bench 5x5 155lb
HS incline… 45lb for wu 70x10,6,5,5
Dips… 12,10,8

More Mace
15lb barbarian pull overs
25lb swings

25lb switch swing squat
Right into
35lb KB snatch 12,10,8,6,4,2
This was 10 min of non stop breathing heavy…cardio

Dealing with some left elbow issues been nagging me from something I did to it while working. Right now it is messing up my bench press .

I’m hella in for this log. Steel maces and clubs are so interesting to me.

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Today was Shoulders & Arms

To warm up i used a 10lb mace for 10min and just worked my shoulders and elbows and wrists.

Dmb shoulder press seated 4x 8-12 40lbs
Concentration curls
Skull crushers
Seated 1 arm lateral raise (strict form)

Triceps rope push downs to cable hammer curl to face pulls

Also hit my calves

Using the mace in my warm up prepared arms beautifully … also helped me get my core lit up. Throughout the whole workout I was tight and solid.

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Whats up guys.
I’m doing my workout split like this now…
With the intent of getting in those workouts 2x a week. Now if i hit all 3 days I won’t do legs next day after my Pull session…
Instead I will do Steel mace,Steel club and kettlebells.
Or I will take that 4th day off completely.

Other variations may be if I’m training with my coach we may do stability work or something.
But then I’m looking to get right back to the program with full intention on hitting
Legs,push & pull 2x a week.

Today’s training was pull
Pull ups
T-bar row
Preacher curls…

Warmed up the hips and gluten doing floor bridges and hypers.
Also used the Abductor machine
Then I did a bunch of 15lb steelmace swings
Deadlifts was 135 x 5 cause its been a while and I wanted to practice good form.

Pull ups was 5x5 and I was a bit challenged… another exercise I haven’t been doing and it showed!

T-bar rows was light but I went with a slow tempo and did 4 x 12,12,11,9

Preacher curls was super light but I did perfect form.
My tempo was super slow and at the bottom of the eccentric I paused and just let the biceps stretch then I slowly contracted and at the top of the concentric I held it for 2 seconds squeezing with everything I had.
I was going so slow I bet it took over a minute to do 1 set.
4 sets super light.

Workout done in about 55 min.

Note on the mace during Warm up
I spent about 4 min doing 1 arm and 2 arm swings as well as outside mills. With 15lbs it was good work. Broke a sweat!
Doing this work helps me prepare my body for deadlifts. Its amazing how you really wake up your proprioception.
I’m excited to share this stuff with this community and you can see alot more of what I’m doing on Instagram or at my website. The same as my handle. Send me a message if you want any help

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