Steaming Meat?

How do I steam meat? I there a special pan for this? Can I just use a vegetable steamer?


Um… yeah. You’d want to steam it using a veggie steamer. I’m curious, why would you steam meat? I boil meat quite often, but I can’t imagine steaming would be any different.

Steaming meat is one of the healthiest ways you can prepare meat… With boiling you lose a lot into the water. Steaming produces some of the most tender meat I have ever ate (in my opinion). Can anyone answer my question?

Or you can just drink the water. :slight_smile:

I used to steam my meat… er Wait let me rephrase that. I used to cook turkey and sea food in a rice cooker when I used to be into the super low fat thing. I had a base that sat in the pot for steaming. Its most bland way you could cook meat. Never tried boiling though. I prefer baking and my frying pan.

Charcoal grill.

Or maybe a clam steamer.

is it much different from using a smoker?