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Steamed Chicken Has No Flavour-Ideas?

I have cooked chicken breasts in it once and flavoured with lemon rinds,rosemary and spices...it came out pretty bland. I'm thinking that if I don't marinate it before hand it will always turn out bland.

Any ideas?


i love balsamic vinegar on my chicken breast. i put it on after i cut it up tho, so the peices absorb it.


Who said anything about steaming?

Get yourself a grill with a drip-tray - George Foreman's are great!

Try this:

Make a marinade using Cajun seasoning, olive oil and lemon.

One teaspoon Cajun per chicken brest
One teaspoon olive oil per chicken breast
As much lemon as desired

Leave to marinate for AT LEAST 30 MINS (the longer the better) and then grill.



Don't steam it. Grilling is always better flavor.


X2 on grilling, best on charcoal.


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Parsley, Sage, rosemary and thyme. also yogurt and lemon juice.


Poach it.
Boil for 2 mins, remove from heat and cover for 30 mins, then serve with copious amounts of PB!


It did taste like nothing.

Cajun spice hmmm...my sister got transferred to Shreveport Louisiana and sent me a bottle of some local maker(can't remember the brand though) to go with a jumbalia recipe,never thought of useing it on chicken.

I have a Forman grill but just use it for hamburgers.

Beer can chicken is awesome,lot of combinations of things to go in with the beer to change it up.

Thanks for the ideas.


Wait a minute...do you mean buerre d'arachide? or are you just fucking with my dumb english ass lol.


Garlic and lemon juice.
Or: adobo and hot sauce.
Or: balsamic vinegar marinade.
Or: homemade "satay" sauce if you can eat a little fat: peanut butter + Louisiana hot sauce + enough orange juice to make the consistency of a dipping sauce.
I definitely prefer grilled to steamed (if you don't have a grill, just put it in a skillet.)


how has no one said putting thai curry sauce on it...
OP, ive begun making a bit of red or green thai curry sauce on my chicken with peppers/onions/rice. Adds a nice amount of kick and the thai curry sauce fits nicely in my diet.


Yes that's what I mean.
I just noticed my location is still set as Quebec - I'm in England now (born and raised).


Grill it + basil and thym :wink:. There is no problem using some oil too, coconut, olive, chestnuts or peanuts all have great taste and aren't "BAD" for you.