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Stealth vs. British Dragon

I am about to be ordering some stuff for a cycle. What do you guys know about the quality of Stealth injectibles? Does it get its name because of the way it is packaged or is that the name brand of the gear?

I am trying to decide between Stealth and British Dragon. What do you guys prefer?

Hey bro, Stick with British Dragon. It constantly tests higher for actual content. Example…Andropen 275 came out at 300 mgs last batch! They are the best.

I never used either but saw lab results from stealth…they look good and will go better through customs it appears.

BD has great quality I hear, but there is the shipping risk, they are easily identified if not packed right.

Thanks for the input guys. I am about to order stealth I think. My next cycle will include Test Cyp 500 per week, EQ 400 per week, and Tren 75 EOD.

The Test and EQ will be weeks 1-10 and the Tren will be weeks 4-9. I will also be doing Nolva ED at 10 mg. and my PCT will be Clomid. I will have Clen as well but am not sure whether to take it during on cycle or for PCT.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Save the clen for pct…reduces cortisol.

OK. How would you take it for PCT? Cycle it 2 weeks on/off.

How does that cycle look? Would Test, Tren, and EQ be a whole lot better than just Test and Tren?

I know the owners of both Labs. They’re both very good. Half dozen of one, 6 of the other.

Are you going to be using any HCG?
Anthony- do you have an e-mail?

I use it for the full 4 weeks I’m on pct.

If this is your first cycle,I would’nt go with the tren,just stick with the test,eq.

[quote]jeep69 wrote:
Are you going to be using any HCG?
Anthony- do you have an e-mail?[/quote]


I’m not getting anybody in touch with any underground labs, though, or helping anyone find gear.