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Stealth Sustanon Pain

i have been on some stealth sustanon for about a week and the thing is it hurts like a mofo anybody else expierience this i have some prop that does not hurt this bad but then again i have had some enanthate that hurt worse.  any info would be appr.

thanx in advance...


What is stealth sus?

Is stealth the mfcer?

I am in UK and have not heard of stealth


i am sorry let me be more clear really i just need to know if anyone has had any pain with sustanon my guess is it's the propionate ester in the mix stealth is simply the method of shiping used which is all irrelevant so basically has anyone had a painfull sustanon expierience i have done supertest in the past and had no pain or burning whatsoever and thats vetrinaty sustanon and mex gear used to be famous for high ba content so really i am just trying to satisfy my curiousity the lumps go away after about 3 day's i was just under the impression that a sustanon injection would be a smooth one..



I just did something similar, a 450 mg stealth supertest with acetate, prop, phenylprop, decanoate and cypionate. I never noticed any problems at all.

That one is a nice mix, because of the length of the decanoate ester and the brevity of the acetate combined.


sometimes my injections bruise and are a bit sore, sometimes they are not, I think bushy gave the advice in a previous thread that if you have a lump that becomes hot or itchy, go see a doc, otherwise it should calm down after a couple of days.


Most of the feedback I've read about regular sustanon 250 is that it sucks and causes major fluctuations. So supertest is much better?


I dont know about that one. I have never been a fan of sustenon. For me, supertest is the biggest bang for the buck of all the test mixes though.


You can try heating such product, after transferring it to a sterile vial, in the oven.



just for info purposes i also heard sus. sucked but guess what it doesn't i have been taking eod shots and like it very much almost as much as enanthate test really is test no mater what exept the prop i did not get as strong on prop i think because of the less water retention anyway point is you have to find out for yourself don't believe everthing you here and read.

btw supertest and sustanon are very similar damn near idenical exept for the acetate ester in the supertest