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Stealth Stopped?


none issue


The odds are good, but your chances of receiving the package witout getting seized depends upon the country you're in.

If they seem reputable on other boards then that's a good sign.


Both stealth companies (AS SL)deliver in a timely manner, I haven't had a problem yet. However there is only one supplier I know of for SL, they are a bit sketchy and I would be weary of in light of a personal experience I recently had.


WHere is a good place to order from over the net?
are the Eco Oil's any good?

being in the country Im from and also JohnnyBlaze, it can be hard to get stuff mailed.


I've ordered 4 times from AS and so far only 2 have gotten through. One envelope that came through was semi-mangled but sachets were intact.
No matter what you've heard or how much research you've done here's no 100% safe bet. Ya know what I mean?


Im fairly certain that AS stopped sending to Australia becuz of an abundance of seizures but don't quote me. Ive never used Eco-Oils myself but hear they are good. Unfortunately Im not sure of a legitimate supplier.


So the Aussie customs are tight, huh?


Eco-Oils delivered quickly, although the sachets are only 3ml's. It has been a while though...


I read they are actually 3.5ml per sachet.

the side i found them on was anabolic247.com

no idea if they end up sending.

No idea if they actually come through with your goods. anyone know.


Aussie customs are the tightest in the world. What's the tightest thing you can think of? A homophobe's virgin anus? Well they are about as tight as that.

The party ended for getting Advanced Stealth into OZ over 6 months ago. The sachets come up in X-ray scans and the bastards scan 100% of incoming mail - with special attention on those envelopes and packages coming from Thailand, China, etc. They even have sniffer dogs running up and down the lines, although they are not (yet) trained to detect AAS. They mainly detect narcotics, and animal & plant material.

Eco oils have a slim chance of getting through but it's not guaranteed. I also know of a source for the ecos if you want to PM me Bud. But only order what you need. It's the greedy ones ordering tons of sachets that have ruined it for the rest of us in OZ, because now the customs know exactly what to look out for.


If you're talking about stealth injectables from AS it should be smooth, especially if you live in the U.S. But the main reason I wanted to post is to warn you to do extensive research before even touching one of those sachets! It is a very careful, STERILE, process transfering those sachets into sterile vials. Then, if its supertest 450 you bought there's more to be concerned with.

Some say it's got histamines in it, hence using benadryl day of and after injection, a high benzyl alcohol content, hence cutting it with sterile oil or mixing with another compound. My first injection was a cc in the glute-swelled so bad within 5 days that I went to the E.R. to get on antibiotics in case it turned into an infection which the doc said it did.

I just think that it was an allergic reaction or something but it's almost gone now. Next, did .5cc in the quad and was limpin for the next 4 days but not nearly as bad as the glute. Now I just opt to do .3cc shots everyday and there is barely any pain at all and I still get a little over 900mgs a week. Stealth is a VERY STRONG, awesome product. You will see great gains as long as you can get past the pain issue.Sorry to ramble on but I just don't want to see you go through what I did!


nothing to post


I'm not sure, but I think Bushy might have some info that could help you guys out. I'd PM him about this thread if he doesn't pop his head in.