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Stealth Seizure, Pills Came

had a decent sized order coming, got a seizure letter before i received anything. figured it would be all the pills, however, i eventually got a shit load of pills. both packages containing stealth products only never showed up. this is a little unlikely isnt it?

that made no fucking sense

If the actual packaging of the product isn’t top notch, customs will eventually pick up on it. I don’t know what their packaging was like, but if they were just putting some " ketchup packages " in an envelopoe and sending it off, it was just a matter of time. There are other things to consider when shipping overseas, that I won’t go in to here. But if they didn’t take them into consideration, it would make sense. Honestly, I’d just recommend going domestic. Why go overseas for UG gear?

i had an order coming. it was split into five packages. i recieved a seizure letter before anything else. i later recieved all of my pills, but none of the stealth i had ordered. i thought it was odd that the stealth got siezed while the pills didnt. make more sense?

Eh, just odds. Customs can’t search every package. Something alerted them to the " Stealth " package, or they just got lucky, etc. Could be alot of things. I’d imagine they have a resend policy if you provide a copy of the seizure letter.

You have a PM by the way.