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Stealth - Leaking Sachet

I just got some stealth in the mail today and one of the sachets is leaking (its a 20 ml). The sachet was placed in another baggie which contained the oil and im pretty sure i can salvage all 20 ccs, but what im concerned with is the sterility. Is there anything i can do to save it or is it a loss. Suggestions?

Get a sterile syringe filter(milipore,whatman) and run it through that. You could also heat it to be sure. I would run that sachet stuff through a filter anyway.

.22µm filter
(Done a bit of a search and found the answer to my own question. :))

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We want to thank our customers for their support over the last years. We wish the best for you and your family. Stay Safe."

Great I was just looking at ordering some stuff :frowning:

Doesn’t anybody even read at least the last weeks worth of posts before they post, seriously. ZZZ who are you reffering to?

Referring to the researchlabsupply.com site that bushy posted up.

Then try www.researchsupply.net cheaper anyway.

[quote]Pretzel Logic wrote:
Then try www.researchsupply.net cheaper anyway. [/quote]

I’ve been using them for years with great service and shipping, plus it’s cheaper.