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Stealing prescription pads = gear?

Ok, first off, I have not done this yet. This is a big disclaimer. Recently, I have come to the discovery that the stealing of a doctor’s prescription pad would be very very easy. You sit alone in that room for a long time, and as long as you had somewhere to stash it, you could find yourself walking out the door with what I believe to be access to a big ol’ pile of drugs.

Now, I do not know anything about the medical profession. I know the signature would be relatively easy to forge, and as long as you know what drugs to order, said thief should be in the clear. What I don’t know is: Do doctors get back the scripts they write, like how you can get cheques back? This problem could surely be overcome by not using your real name on the script. If one was to order, say, Clomid for one’s self, do pharmacies stock these, or do they need to be specially ordered?

This is big time immoral, but considering I think I'm going to grab one anyway (cool notepad if anything), if I do end up trying to use it, I'd prefer not to find myself upstate.


There is no way to do this with a controlled substance, e.g. anabolic steroids, and get away with it. I don’t know what your chances would be with Clomid, which is not a controlled substance. Overall I’d view it as a horribly stupid thing to do. Especially for Clomid, which you would not go to jail for via the
black market but would go to jail for if obtained via a forged prescription. I do personally know an idiot who went to jail for doing exactly what you’re talking about (he forged a prescription for codeine.) It is
not a good idea at all.

I’ve actually done something similar. I was really into natural eyesight improvement at one point. It required that I get progressively underprescribed glasses as my eyes improved. That could be very expensive. I took the prescription I got from the optometrist and covered her signature with yellow stickies, being careful not to cover the line for her signature. Then I made a copy of it. The result: a blank prescription pad. I wrote myself three prescriptions and here I sit, four years later, my left eye improved by .75 diopter, astigmatism improved .50 diopter, my right eye improved by a full diopter and the astigmatism improved by .75 diopter. Illegal perhaps perhaps, but I don’t have much respect for the optometry industry/practice. It is the only medical practice that makes the disorder worse and makes zero attempts to prevent it. If I knew as a child what I know now, I am certain that I would not be wearing glasses today.

Well Sticky Fingers…guess the first thing that you should know is this. Forging scripts is a class one FELONY! (Get ready to grab that bar of soap)! Everyone thinks it’s sooooo easy to forge a script to get the drug they want…think again idiot! Yes, I am in the medical field, so I DO happen to know what i’m talking about. Hope you look good in orange…or what ever color your state uses in the prison; and of course, don’t forget family visits…they should love seeing their “baby” in prison! Good luck with the theft…you’ll need it!

Bill is correct. You couldn’t get away with this. First off, the signature isn’t really important. I hope you know latin, as abbreviations of it are used in order to tell the pharmacist things like, “take one tablet two times per day”, etc. Also, you’ll need his/her DEA number. Also, it’ll look a little strange if you show up with a script for 100 clomiphene tabs. Not only that, but the cost is outrageous. You can get things MUCH cheaper on the black market with much less trouble. I wouldn’t try it. In the best case, the pharmacist will laugh at you and have a good story to tell his fellow workers. Worst case scenario, you could wind up in jail or even serve some fed time. You never know. Look bud, there’s a reason why script pads are so easy to obtain, and that reason, in case you didn’t notice, is there are too many things you’d need to know in order for this plan to work. I probably couldn’t even pull it off. I’m not trying to be a dick here. On the contrary, I’m trying to save you a lot of grief.

You seem to think that it would be easy to forge a script. Well, you’d better think again. In the first place, it’s considered a felony…can you say major prison time???
Using a fake name…just as stupid. You are correct when you say you have no knowledge of the medical profession. Do you really think that those pads would be left where anyone could get them it forgery were that easy??? Wake up and face realiy. If you do go for it anyway…('cause you want the “cool pad”), hope your family doesn’t mind the hours on visiting days; and I hope you look good in the colors of the prison you end up in. Suggestion…don’t bend over in the shower. Why are you so lazy, stupid, what ever, that you’d want to risk it?

You would be looking at possibly two felony charges with your actions. Prescriptions are monitored and controled to a greater degree than you think. Don’t even try it. There is no way you’d get away with it.

Well, the first thing you need to know is that prescriptions for controlled substances (depending on what class they are, and in New York State state anyway) are not written on regular prescription pads. They are written on special pads that resemble a credit card receipt, and a copy is sent to the government - but this is done to monitor the Doctor, not you. Hypothetically, if you manage to steal the Doc’s special prescription pad, make sure you give the pharmacy the correct copy, pay cash, and don’t use your real name. Moreover, don’t write yourself out a prescription for a banned substance such as Dianabol or Deca Durabolin. If you are an American, make sure you prescribe yourself an FDA approved substance; such as Halotestin or an approved Testosterone ester, gel, or patch for example. To find out which androgens are prescribed in the United States, simply get yourself a copy of any drug reference book sold in any pharmacy, or at Barnes & Nobles - or any major book store. Make sure you know what controlled substance class the drug you want is in, and whether or not you need the special pad. I know for class IV you need the special pad, but I think androgens might only be class III - but I’m not sure! If you are going to do something of this nature, do your homework first and know what you are doing; because if you foul up, you’ll be sent to a very bad place that you would rather not go to. THIS POST IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!!!

Hehehe…that’s a good one bro. Bill’s right. Way too risky…and pretty damn immoral. Anyway, find a legit source…it’s cheaper than a doctor’s scrip or paying out of the pocket.

Jeez, Medgal, your pretty uptight about the whole thing? Get a nice ass massage, and take some metamucil. Bad previous experience? Anyway, sticky, just get rapport with a good doctor somewhere. You must have someone in your family whom is friends with a doc. He’ll write it all up for you.

Alright guys, thanks for the heads up. Definately won’t be trying to pull that one off anytime soon. Yea, and medgal, like Calvin said, chill the fuck out. You may be a medical student but you could certainly benifit from a logic class…stealing script pads = anal rape? I don’t think so.

Hey medgal go play with your joy buzzer and relax. The guy just asked a sensable question, see the other guys Cy, Bill they answered with facts, their opinion and give the guy some info. You on the other hand just trashed the guy. I can’t wait to any posts you put up they should be really good. As for NEVER GETTING AWAY IT. I have written subscriptions with stolen pads for the last 2 years off and on. If you know what to write (that is the key) you are fine. Unless you take to medgal’s pharmacy where she will nail you BADD!!

Just for information’s sake here, how exactly did you obtain a doc’s DEA number to write a proper prescription?

hey Biggie, don’t assume that because you haven’t been busted yet, that the government doesn’t know what you’re doing. In cases of script forging, the DEA and DA’s office like to watch the drama unfold for a couple of years before making any arrests. One person forging one or two scripts is small fish for them, but they’ll wait patiently to see if there’s some sort of conspiracy or, even better for them, if there’s a pharmacist in on the action.

Hey guys, I just want to stick up for Medgal. Why? I know her. In fact, I was talking to her on MSM. I hadn’t seen a reply to the question and I knew he wasn’t going to get away with it. I told her to answer this guy’s (ok, I said bozo’s) question. She is not a med student. She is a nurse in the field of cancer treatments. She is in heavy demand and travels to centers all over the country to bring them up to speed on the latest technology. She has been busting her butt lately and hasn’t had any time off. She works for 16+ hours a day without days off. She makes over $100,000 a year, plus company car, food and lodging. I told her that I hadn’t seen her reply and she sent another one, thinking it hadn’t been posted due to her “rambunctious” reply. She sent another post, thinking the first one wasn’t going to get posted. Ease up fellas, she is working a lot of hours, I got her a “little too fired up”, she never read this board before and she has a fiesty sense of humor. She really is a great gal, in fact, I’ll be seeing her in a few weeks for sushi, when she gets home for a much needed one week off. I’ll take care of the butt massage and I’ll tell her about the metamucil, she has been eating a lot of balance bars lately. :wink:

I agree with everyone that it sounds risky.
I don’t think of it as immoral though. Remember the t-mag mission statement? Steroid or hormone use should be up to the individual, not his doctor or the FDA

Before you go to all this trouble and expose yourself to significant legal consequences, I wonder if you have done everything possible to ensure that your training and nutrition programs are as effective and as refined as possible? I am 42 years old and despite having studied these subjects exhaustively for over 20 years, I’m still finding new ways to make my training more effective, and I’m getting new lifetime PR’s regularly even at 42.

So I wonder how old you are and what type of resources you have devoted to studying your situation before considering such extreme measures??!!

What’s wrong with you asswipes? Medgal is absolutlly right. You screwups who wrote encouraging this pathetic loser to commit a felony must have been shortchanged at the brain counter. Is that the advice you will be giving to your kids some day? (Assuming of course that you can still get it up long enough to have kids after you are through messing with your hormonal system to looked “buffed”.) I don’t think this board should be used as a playground for the encouragement of the feeble minded and lazy to commit crimes.

Looking back, I’m thinking that I left one word out of my original post: HYPOTHETICAL!!!

Bob: I read over all the posts in this thread, and no one encouraged me (a pathetic loser??) to go through with this. I’d say all but two told me to steer clear, and the others just wrote about their experiences. And Bob, in case you haven’t noticed, big guy, this board is clogged with threads about steroids, obtaining steroids, smuggling steroids etc. all of which are illegal. So this is not the first discussion in which activities of an illegal nature have been discussed.

So I thank all of you (Cy, Charles, Bill) who took the time to participate in this discussion of a risky, albiet hypothetical situation, and for those of you who critcize, I suggest that you really read between the lines and contribute intelligently to a discussion.

Sticky, I have to tell ya’, even though I would never chance getting an illegal script, when getting gear in and out of mexico is so easy, I really like the idea of a cool notepad. It would make a great pickup tool or bedroom fun. “Take one huge member, 2xdaily, for six weeks. Prescription refill 2 times”.