Steaks, beer, wine - oh my!

This past Friday night, Ko, Rumbach and I had a nice steak, mashed potatoes and spinach (gotta have greens), dinner at our place.

Three different kinds of beer and a nice bottle of Spanish red wine (care of Rumbach) was thrown in for good measure.

Good food, drinks, company and conversation. Perfect for a Friday evening. :-))

Now let’s enjoy pics of the fabulous meal:

Steak and mashed potatoes. sigh

Did you get back to the gym Saturday? I did a set for you Friday night, as promised. :wink:

That steak looks delicious! Was it barbequed?

I ask because I barbeque all year 'round. My wife even has a pic of me barbequeing in the middle of winter with a thermometer behind me that read 0 degrees…:slight_smile:

This is exactly what I’m talking about in the “how much is too much” thread!


Dan “Mmm… steak” Mcvicker

MD: nah, I haven’t been to the gym yet this week.

Ko and I just got back from pizza and beer. And now, I’m having a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Mind you, I very, very rarely ever crave ice cream; and when I do, I better get some :slight_smile:

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a brand new training week.

Here’s a close up of some of this fine meal.

Can I pay Ko to cook for me? Mouth watering!! Need food now. :stuck_out_tongue:

get a life!
taking photos of your food… shit!
i would rather see the loving embrace of the T-(wo)Men in mention!!

im hungry!

Whetu: this should have been the addendum to the “MASS: Time to get some” thread.

I probably should have taken pics of the lovely meal from that week’s Wednesday evening. That included a platter of deep fried calamari, burgers/fries and beer…beer and some more beer.


I like you, Patricia. Finally someone around here that’s not counting every single kcal we put in our body.

And someone that drinks as much beer as myself and still looks damn good.

We need more like you around.