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I’ve been waiting for you to start a thread about this for so long. I have high hopes.

Steak and ale pie adds 20kg to your squat

1 day worth of steak for him


what am I looking at here, is this all for you lol?

What’s going on.

Please refer to the last second and a half of the video.


I think you need a bigger grill X. I mean a guy your size standing of a tiny grill like that doesn’t seem right, plus with a bigger grill you would save tons of time. Since you live in Texas I’m sure getting a hold of something like this shouldn’t be too hard.

Shit that first pic made me so hungry.

Is that ONE potatoe?


Sigh No grill for me. That is an awesome sight.

Well…that should get me through Wednesday.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Is that ONE potatoe?


Apple-wood chips.

Either those or Hickory is all I use.

mmmm steak
Don’t forget to give your colon some love (;

just got back from lifting and this thread was what I clicked first…sooo fuckn hungry!!!

can i haz steak?