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What is a “lean of the eye round” steak? what types of red meat (beef) is a good choice if your eating a big amout of it, i eat ostrich, buffalo, alot, but really like beef. any cheifs out there?

My boyfriend (Ko) is a chef and he posts quite often in the forum. He knows a lot about the different cuts of red meat as well as the other meat you listed. I do know one thing for sure: ostrich is very similar in taste to red meat. It is lower in fat than chicken or turkey. I would prefer ostrich over them anyday - however it is rather spendy (sometimes as much as $23 per pound) and hard to find. We do have a restaurant here in Portland, OR that servers ostrich burritos (VERY tasty). As well as other “exotic” meats like aligator, buffalo, etc.

I'll have Ko post a answer for you. He's at work now, cooking up a storm.....

I eat a ton of red meat (usually two entire eye of round roasts per week). Each one is about 14-16 inches long before you cut off all the fat and cook it. It is the leanest source available (I usually use 44 calories per cooked oz. in my diet log). Plus, I thin slice it and cook it on the George Foreman grill. All in all, it is almost as lean as chicken, and A LOT more satisfying. As such, I usually eat close to 10 oz. per day whether dieting or not.

A lean eye of round is just eye of round,with the outside edge of fat trimmed!It’s the lowest steak in fat content,but pretty tough.You usually see them at the grocery store in packs of 6 or 12. I eat A LOT of it.I’d highly recommend it. Just guessing,you get that from Poliquin’s article “preparing for the Ultimate Workout”?

I forgot to mention that I buy it at Sam’s Club and that if you’re willing to buy the whole thing and cut it yourself, it’ll only cost you about $2.09 a pound.

Pat: If I’m not mistaken, the KEY to tender meat is marinating? (Perhaps overnight?)AS WELL AS “Crock Pot Cooking” a weeks worth?

Anyway…this would be one that Ko could give us some great input on. As “Kid” said…round has the lowest fat content, you can get a weeks worth in a pack, but those puppies CAN BE TOUGH if not cooked right!

Cool thanks. i live in Australia and ostrich is cheap here, but not as cheap as kangaroo, which i also eat alot of. yes i read that from Poliquins article, i had followed that advice for a while now but i always just used any old red meat. i going to have to go meat shopping and get me some.

In the Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid thing it says that cuts with ‘round’ & ‘loin’ in the name are good & the cuts with ‘rib’ in the name are bad because of the fat content. Sg get a sirloin or strip loin or eye of round instead of prime rib. That’s ok because I like all that stuff. I’m no chef though all I do is grill it until it’s done & put some steak spice or something on it.

Wow that is it. I am moving back Portland when I pau Massage school. A resturant that serves ostrich, Nohos, and Stars what else does a T-man need.

Hey, let us know when you’re in Portland. Nohos’ is like, 5 or 10-minutes away from us. We’ll meet you there for a big feast! Noho likes beeg eaters, and we don’t like to dissapoint.

We also live by, what I consider to be, the best Chinese place in town for good, old fashion Dim Sum. God, I'm getting hungry (again).

The eye of round is best suited for stews, if you want to grill thin slices or make a roast, I would use the top round, its a little more tender. If you do grill it , slice it thin, and as Mufasa said, marinade it, 30 minutes is plenty. Try this: Lime juice, olive oil, chili powder, minced garlic(powder is O.K.), salt and pepper. The acid in the lime juice will act as a tenderizer. Stewing or braising, would be much better way of preparing it and you can make enough for a week. For 2 lbs of meat: Trim away any fat, then cube your eye of round, about 1 inch cubes, then salt and pepper them. In a large pot(preferably oven safe, I use a cast iron dutch oven, or deep roasting pan), heat some olive oil and then quickly sear your meat(try to get a nice brown color), then remove it and set it aside. In the same pot add more oil,1 cup of diced onions, 1/2 cup of chopped carrots, and 1/2 cup of celery (These veggies ar for flavor, not to be eaten), and brown them , keep them moving so that they do not burn. when they start to brown, add a small can of tomato paste, and 1/2 a cup of flour and let them cook for about 2 minutes, again keep them moving so they do not burn. Add two cups red wine , and stir, making sure that you scrape the bottom of the pan to remove the stuff that is stuck to the pan (this is called de-glazing).Add one can of beef stock (water can be used, but stock is better, more flavor)and keep stirring. Add your meat back in, then add enough stock or water to cover the meat. Add two bay leaves, 2 table spoons of dried thyme and a little salt, just enough that you can taste it but not to much. Bring this to a boil (while waiting for it to boil, heat your oven to 275-300 F) then reduce to a simmer, then cover with a lid or foil. Put it in the oven for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours (if your pot is not oven safe then just let it simmer on the stove). Take it out of the oven, remove all the meat, and then strain the sauce. Put meat and sauce back in a pot and adjust the seasoning, (salt and pepper). When its to your likeing put it in the fridge. When it is cool, all the fat will coagulate on top, just remove it and toss it in the garbage. Now you have a buch of meat that you can eat for the rest of the week, with whatever veggies or starches you want.

Thanks man

Try getting some of these lean cuts ground to enhance the digestion process. Try a nice london broil with any visible fat removed before grinding. Become buddies with the local butchers, drop a tip here and there in order to be sure the grinder is always welcome for your business.

Wow all this talk about food on a lowcarb diet is making be “baka”. I will be done with massage school in 8 weeks. Then I plan to move somewhere. My two choices to live are Portland or San Antonio. My Bro lives in San Antonio and I still have friends in Albany and Portland. So it is still a toss-up. Thanks for the offer.

I personally think eye of round is one of the worst tasting cuts of beef, the worst being flank steak. Most supermarkets have sirloin on sale for under 5 dollars a pound. I work at a restaraunt and the head chef lets me buy a tenderloin when he orders meat, so I get a pretty good deal. I also eat leg of lamb like its going out of style. As far as preparing red meat, a mixture of soy sauce and any type of chili sauce mixed together does wonders if you are pressed for time. I take a chili paste like the ones they give you at chinese restaraunts, mix it with soy sauce, season the steak with some adobo, throw the steak in a skillet and throw the mixture in while its cooking. Watch out when it flames up.