Steak: Suggestions and Recipes

We VERY seldom get a concensus on this board, but last week, there seemed to be aggreement that steak should be added to our diet, ESPECIALLY if eating for mass.

Two questions:1) What cut and/or type do you guys recommend? (Note: Considering many of our busy lifestlyes, will your recommendation remain tender if cooked in the 'ole George Foreman? I’ve tried ROUND (which is lowest in fat)but you really have to Crock Pot pieces beforehand or it is TOUGH cooked straight on the GF grill!) 2) Any neat spices and/or marinades you can share? (Plain 'ole “Ms. Dash” ain’t bad!)

I’ve found Montreal Steak Seasoning to be excellent on broiled steaks of various cuts. My dad always liked chuck, but I really don’t have a fave myself.

Nylo: You there? As I recall (didn’t write it down) you had some “yummy” ideas, yes?

i got three words for ya…dale’s sauce!

Plain yogourt is supposed to have enzymes that break down the fiber… it makes a great tenderizer.
Have grill on high and sear both sides to seal in moisture… then cook slowly over low heat.

If you’re following Massive Eating protocols, you’re able to melt a piece of cheese over a nice steak. Yummy =)

Sirloin all the way. I make mine by getting in the car and driving to Texas Roadhouse.

When I’m forced to eat steak at home, I buy steak in strips that are designed for stir fry. I just pop them on my George Foreman-like grill and they’re done in 5 minutes (since they’re small pieces and not big thick steaks). Easy and fast, but not as good as Roadhouse and the waitresses aren’t as cute!

Ok…what’s the 3rd word?

I prefer top round sirloin when I grill at home. If I go out to dinner, a nice filet mignon is tasty. I use McCormick’s steak seasoning. That stuff is awesome. I think it tastes better than the Grill masters stuff. It makes your steak tender and tasty!

If you’re using the Foreman, toss some mushrooms and strips of pepper on there with the steak. Awesome!

Are you people drunk?

I’ve yet to hear anyone mention the RIBEYE!!!Absolutely the best cut of meat out there! Additionally, tri tip roast is muy bueno as well.
I’m somewhat of a connosiuer as I eat some form of cow (or pork i.e. ribs) every night. Now, here’s the deal, I can’t recommend anything as it pertains to using a Foreman grill because you havt to bbq in order to really bring out the flavor of cow flesh!!
For ribeye, just use some garlic salt and black pepper, nothing else needed. For the tri tip, I like to throw it in a ziploc with some minced garlic, some olive oil, and maybe a little red wine, or red wine vinnagrette. Let it sit overnight in the fridge.

Third on my list is something called a dijon steak. Simply take a new york cut (the bigger the better as far as I'm concerned) and throw in a ziploc, pour in a mess 'o dijon mustard, and then add capers to it.

Viola, a meal fit for a king.

As a side note, since I eat so much meat, I usually shop for a couple weeks worth at a time and freeze 'em. Here’s how I do it. When I get home from the store, I throw each serving in it’s own ziploc bag, marinating the ones that need it (tri tip, new york), then I stick them in the fridge for a night. Next night they go into the freezer. Now the night before I’m going to eat a specific cut, I take it outta the freezer, and stick it in the fridge. By the time I get home from work the next day, the meat is sufficiently thawed, and is ready for the BBQ.

In case anyone's wondering, I've been doing a modified T dawg for nearly a year straight. At my last physical two months ago, total cholesterol was 186, with the good and bads in the normal range. I LOVE THIS DIET!!!!

Happy cooking…:slight_smile:

I follow massive eating so I use steaks in my protein/fat meals so I just go for what I love best which is a real bloody-rare filet. I buy a whole tenderloin and slice hunks off it. Of course I can’t afford this as much as I would like. But even if I am broke I will still manage a NY strip twice a week. And I tell you these are the meals I look forward to the most. Damn, I am making myself hungry.

Sam’s Club has prety good meat and in sufficient quantities for any T-Man. The top round roast is awesome and almost fat free. You can cook the whole things or cut it up into steaks for the GF grill. While not steak, Sam’s also carries a pork tenderloin packaged by Prairie Farm (I think). Its very good, very lean and tender. That works well on the GF grill when sliced.

Everyone, re-read Zetsky’s post, he is right on the money, and try the conventional BBQ if you can, it isn’t much of a hassle compared to the difference in quality it produces. Also, learn to eat Medium-rare meat, or rare, as bloody as you can stand it, Medium-rare Ribeye is a gift from God. For mass consumption with better affordability, though the tri-tip is the way to go, usually similar in price to round, but way better quality. Hmmmmmmmm RED MEAT

red wine, worstichire sauce, garlic and pepper. pierce the steak with a fork and let maranade overnight. cook just until warm in the center…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I have a steak of some sort every night, and my personal favorites are rib-eye, sirloin (T-bone), shell steak, and occasionally those pre-cut stirfry strips are decent for a quick meal as they cook quick. To cook simply wash the piece of meat off in the sink under the tap, heat up the grill on high for 10 minutes, sear the steak for one minute on each side at high heat to trap in the flavor, then turn the heat to medium, then flip it approximately every 3-5 minutes and after one or two times on each side check it to see if it is coked enough for your personal taste.

When I eat steak, I say don’t worry about the fat. I eat a nice juicy T-bone. I do trim the visible fat before I grill it, but no tough round steak for me! I swear T-bone is much better than a ribeye even. For some reason, though it is the same cut of meat, small end prime rib is much more tender than a rib eye steak. Call me a purist, but I want nothing getting in the way of the unadulterated flavor of charred cow flesh. Just salt, pepper, and maybe a little galic powder for me. Sauces and marinades just cover up the flavor.

Ribeye is the king. I grill mine on a gas grill at 550 degrees F for seven minutes on side one, then about four minutes on side two (if the steak is at room temp.) Prior to and while grilling, I baste them in a spicy hot Thai red sauce with about two ounces of Soy sauce, some butter, coarse ground black pepper and brown Jamaica salt. You can cook a great frozen steak on a hot grill, too.

marinate in olive oil and red wine for at least 24 hours. If you have a tenderizer, beat your meat,(haha) a little bit. as far as cuts of choice, sirloin.

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