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Steak or Protein Powder after Weight Lifting?

Which is preferred or does it matter? I just ate a steak but now I have to wait a couple of hours for the protein powder. I know they’re both protein, but just seeing if the quick acting protein of powder is preferable or is the steak fine.

Why would you have to wait a couple of hours?

Oh so have both? I thought you had to space out your protein or your body doesn’t process it all.

In the grand scheme of things, nutrient timing is a very very very small piece of the puzzle

Protein supplements are a useful way of getting in some protein. If you have eaten a steak, you’ve satisfied your protein requirement.

As for @sammymcloughlin’s comment, yes, nutrient timing is something most people don’t need to worry about, but your body does excrete excess protein, so I’d say that while it won’t hurt you to drink a protein shake after eating a steak, it’s kind of a waste of money and time. You’d be better served spacing it out a bit.

TL;DR, Drink your shake in a couple hours, and real food > supplements.

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The advantages of protein powder are the convenience and easy consumption and digestibility, as well as the cost. I find it hard to eat any real food soon after training and I often have limited time before I have to be at work so a protein shake and some carbs is better for me. If you have time and appetite for steak after training then go for it.

In this case the steak will digest slower then the protein powder (if it is whey not casein) so if you wash the steak down with the protein drink , the protein will enter the bloodstream at different times

The whole anabolic window things been overstated.