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Steak Made from Human Excrement: Is It Safe?


Yeah, no thanks.





Poor mans' bulk?




Can't help thinking of that Chris Farley skit where he is given the fake coffee crystals and goes ape shit.

I can see that happening to someone.


In 5 years we'll have another Professor X type character not telling people to eat burgers, but instead to eat...shit


Well I was totally on board until they said they added soy... for flavor??


"Excuse me, waiter? this steak tastes like shit. Oh hohoho I'm a caution!"


that's when red meat is bad for you


That sounds pretty shitty.


"Soy protein is added to the mix to increase the flavor"

This must be the nastiest shit on earth if soy improves its flavor


Something doesn't smell good about this story.


So can vegans eat poop steak or what?


Well, speaking as a vegan, we can look at this a few ways. Technically, it's a byproduct of a living creature, ruling it out for consumption by vegans. It's also likely, there's animal byproducts contained within or used during the manufacturing process of the shit sandwich. So that also would rule it out.

When it comes down to it though, vegan or not, if you're willingly eating shit you're dumb. I really think someone must have been watching "2 Girls 1 Cup" and thought, "hey, those girls are on to something!"


Ahh so all by products of animals are ruled out? I figured this might be okay since, well you're never gonna stop people from making the raw materials anyway.


People will take it to varying extremes, some vegans won't consume honey as it is a product of bees, not consuming Tic Tacs or certain gums as horse hooves are used, or even taking pills containing gelatin that is animal based. I'm a vegan in diet only, meaning I rock a leather jacket and shoes on the regular.

I'd imagine if the consumption of shit became much more prevalent in society, you'd get factions of vegans who would give it the okay and others that wouldn't. Personally, whether it's "vegan safe" or not, it wouldn't be gracing my plate.




Since the majority of crap is bacterial in nature why not just grow bacteria that doesn't come from shit?

I mean, I suppose I get the point of it, to reuse human waste; but it seems like growing it from scratch would probably still be a cheap source of protein that doesn't come with "Eeeeww" factor (as much).


Preferred pairing?

"Goes great with a sweat cocktail"

......eeewwwuuhhhuh, I just saw jackass 3 yesterday


Leave it to the Japanese, lol.