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Steak Is the New Health Food

Source: Science Magazine April 2001

Steak Is the New Health Food!
Another Fat Fraud Exposed…Here’s Why!

Do you experience "fear of filet mignon" syndrome? Are you too frightened to enjoy an occasional juicy porterhouse steak or burger? Don't be! The following excerpt from Gary Taubes' article in the prestigious journal, Science Magazine (April 2001) cuts to the bone and exposes another low fat myth! Here's what Gary has to say:

"We went to the USDA web site and found the Nutrient Database for Standard Reference for a porterhouse select cut, with a half-centimeter layer of fat. After broiling, the steak is reduced to almost equal parts fat and protein. Fifty-one-percent of the fat is heart healthy monounsaturates, of which virtually all (90%) is beneficial oleic acid, the same fat that’s in olive oil.

"Saturated fat constitutes 45% of the total fat, but a third of the saturated fat is stearic acid, which is at the very least harmless. The remaining 4% of the fat is polyunsaturated, which also improves cholesterol levels

In sum, well over half-and perhaps as much as 70%-of the fat content of a porterhouse will improve cholesterol levels compared to what they would be if bread, potatoes or pasta were consumed instead. The remaining 30% will raise LDL but will also raise HDL. All of this suggests that eating a porterhouse steak rather than carbohydrates might actually improve heart disease risk, although no nutritional authority who hasn’t written a high-fat diet book will say this publicly!"

Source: Science Magazine April 2001