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Steak Ignorance

I love steak, and know little about it… so I dont cook it too much. Could anyone point me to something or explain to me what the different types of steak are and which are best for body composition goals and maybe how theyre cooked?

Do you have a mother? Cant she tell you how to cook a steak?

Rib eye is good quality shit and it tastes great.

Top round is your middle type quality and it’s what I get most of the time because rib eye is too expensive.

Cook it on the grill high heat to seer it for about 3 minutes each side then cook the rest of the way through on medium-lowish heat til desired rareness.

Pan cooking sucks but you can do it. 2 table spoons of olive oil to prevent excessive burning. Use a cover to keep from excessive burning as well. Towards the end remove the cover so it’s not sitting in nasty bubbly liquid and it evaporates nicely.

Seasoning is key as well. Try different kinds.

I hate that I took this post seriously, yuk.

[quote]naughtybox wrote:
I hate that I took this post seriously, yuk.[/quote]

LOL! I started writing something too and didn’t end up posting it, because I thought the topic was dumb to begin with. I was like: “Why am I replying to this!?”

how old are you?

Grill it period.

brush some nice virgin olive oil on both sides. and at this point you can use some powdered seasonings, most are 0carb,0fat,0cal.

Get your CHARCOAL going. wait till its burnt down so every coal is red with a light coat of ash (gray dust like material on the outside of the piece) and now put your steak right on there. let it seer so the outside is dark (very visual change in the meat) then flip.

should be bout 1.5-2min max. then cover. and cook to your degree. i like medium rare, so its a quick cooking process.

also charcoal is the only way to go for good flavor. gas sucks and on cheap gas grills doesnt get hot enough to seer the meat. get the wehher gril i got. its got gas lighting the charcoal (easy and quick)

I just like buying a 5 to 8 pound roast (top round) season liberally, then bake at 350F for 2.5 to 3 hours. Meat thermometers are your friend.

I get sirloin, cook it in the toaster oven on like 300 - 325. Of course I use tons of seasonings. If you can get some dry aged steak, it’s delicious and doesn’t need seasonings.

My moms steak sucked growing up, she was a good baker though. I kept grilling London Broil on the George Foreman and thinking how not ideal it probably was. Ill try the suggestions, thanks.

Ask this in the girls forum and point it at Lisa Marie. She’s a professional chef and quite expert in cuts of meat if you want a detailed answer.

warm it up, or don’t.

season to taste.

eat around the grissle.

Oooh, I love steak. I eat it almost every night for dinner. I have never cooked a steak on a charcoal grill, and never will.
To ME it’s all about the broiler.

I usually let my piece of steak sit in a baggie with Chipotle Tabasco all day.

  1. Put meat on broiler pan
  2. Cook it at 525 for about 6 minutes
  3. Flip it
  4. Cook it again for another 6 minutes
  5. Done.

This leaves me with a juicy brown steak and a pink middle yummy. If you don’t like pink then after the two six minute phases leave it in the broiler for another 3-4 minutes at about 450.

You will have to adjust times according to the thickness of the piece.

Let the steak be room temp before cooking.

Pre-heat oven to 500 deg.

-Salt & pepper only on steak. I use a cast iron pan so no oil (pan should be seasoned already but if not cast iron then i would rub with a lil canola or some high smoke temp oil).

-Heat pan until smoking hot. Sear steak on each side for about a minute to get a nice crust (if you pan is hot enough shouldn’t be much over a minute).

-Immediately place pan in oven (make sure your pan is over-proof or have a broiler pan pre-heating in there with it), cook each side for about 2 minutes. I do a little bit less for more rarity but thats up to you. You will soon learn what a rare, med-rare, med, etc steak feels like by poking it and feeling how mushy/springy it is if you eat enough of it.

Let the steak REST covered for a few minutes before tearing into it or you will lose all the juices. This is a great time to be cooking /mushrooms vegetables in the steak grease to accompany your protein.

And pre-cutting steak is for children.

Fire up the grill as hot as it will go and seer the shit out of both sides. Eat.