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Steak Everyday?

Is it okay to eat steak everyday for dinner?

ok in regard to what…
then i say go ahead.

i guess it depends on all things considered…

It’s not ok for you to eat steak every day for dinner. But it is for me, so send me all you of your steak.

I’m trying to get to 9% bodyfat while retaining as much muscle as possible, maybe even add some. I’m 156 lbs, 15% bodyfat… I’m following the T-Dawg Diet…

So is steak okay to eat everyday for dinner to reach my goal?

umm, why don’t you eat more steak instead?

why are you cutting when you only weigh 156lbs?

if you knew what I know now, you would be trying to add “clean” mass onto your frame instead of trying to cut. In the long run, you will look better, faster.


Sure, steak is ok everyday if you don’t get tired of it. Oh, Ko says you should only eat steak with peanut butter.

Seriously, how tall are you at 156lbs? Kieran may have a point here.

Kong, his profile lists him at 5’7’’. Even at that height, the “MASS: Time to get some” thread should be referenced.

When I was playing baseball in college I was at 170 lbs… I’ve never had abs so I am trying to reach that goal, then I will start to bulk again.

If you are trying to lean out, then I would stick with lean cuts like eye of round, top round, or sirloins.

Is Beef Loin New York Steak considered a lean cut?

I get half price meals so I ate prime rib every work day for a month once.It’s not lean but it sure does taste good.

yeah, what the hell. Go for it.

I’m sure you already know this, but only eat it with green vegetables. You don’t want an insulin spike from starchy carbs or steak sauce when your eating a p+f meal.

I once knew a guy whose father was low carbing by eating practically nothing but Omaha Steaks everyday.

I eat my steak with brocolli, no sauce… Still tastes GREAT!!!

Shit, how about a different dead animal everyday?

i am a purist…if a steak needs sauce i dont want to eat it!

Patricia - The entire animal? Cool. :slight_smile:

I don’t know Patricia, trying to polish off an entire cow is a noble feat.

I tried steak everynight one week, for simlicity… I got bored very quick even though I love steak. It took a while before I could eat it again.
Also, usally the cheaper the steak, the leaner it is. JasonL is right about the cuts. The more expensive ones like rib-eye are marbled, thus more fatty, although tender and tasty. So look for ones without any marble. New York strips are pretty good, just cut off the stip of fat along the side. If marinated correctly, the cheaper ones turn out just fine, especially grilled.

HINT: Marinate and grill several steaks ahead of time and cut them up and store them in the fridge for convenient salads. YUM They’ll last at least three or four days. Also add some Sunflower or pumkins seeds to your salad more protein and omega threes.

I cut off the strip of fat on the side of the Beef Loin NY Steak… so I guess it’s LEAN!!!

I read somewhere that you shouldn’t eat eggs every day, because there is a risk of becoming allergic to them. Then again, I don’t know jack about allergies, so that may be BS.

Anyone know if that’s true, for any foods?