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Steak & Eggs Diet...


I just ate an 8 oz steak, with a slice of Monterrey cheese on top and an egg over easy thrown on top, for desert I had a mango.

I worry about nutrition, have calorie counted before, but find it do be in someways more work than worth.

Hypothetically...if a guy ate 3 8oz steaks a day, an egg, and cheese. Took multivitamins and fiber, and drank water, tea, wine and milk variably with meal.

His training was an hour of cardio, every morning, 6 days a week, and 4 days a week heavy big 3 lifting for an hour and a half...

If he stuck to that, would he lean out and fat wise, and get bulk and muscular?

I don't wish to calorie count any longer, so I see no reason why not. :slightly_smiling:
Altho, I'm not JUST going to eat steak and eggs...


What kind of cardio are you doing for an hour???


Eat all the steak eggs an cheese you want, snort cocain, and chase it all down with some heroin. That should put you right were you should be. You waste of space.




For cardio, sprints & calistenic drills.


I suspect that one would run into problems related to having zero carb intake while being that active. But health wise, my main concern with a diet like that is the arachidonic acid intake, not anything having to do with fat.


You're not doing sprints for an hour.


Is Mango not a carb?




Good luck doing that for an hour. Unless you're taking 5 full minutes between every rep!

As far as the calorie counting thing goes... if you eat basically the same thing every day and know how many calories it tends to come out to, you can add or subtract pretty easily from there to meet your goals.



How DARE you bring logic and common sense here!!!

Please leave.


Crap, you're right.

First, you're going to have to post pictures of yourself (with a shoe) to assess BF%. From there you'll need to get your metabolic rate measured using one of those room sized calorimeters. You can probably find one at the your local state university (for a nominal fee). After that you'll need to get a calorimeter of your own and burn samples of all the foods you plan on eating for the next month or so to asses exact Calorie content.
Come back with those results and I'll write a step-by-step program covering each minute of your day, exact measurements of food to be consumed daily (down to .1 of a gram), and each an every workout you'll do from here on out.
Good luck! ;]


This is GAL...



Steak and eggs you say? Seems to work for these guys:

I tried to embed the clip, didn`t work...