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Steak, Eggs and Broccoli


Eat it.
Lift heavy.
Say, "Thanks allNatural!".


Hmmm..I love your choices...BUT

Why just those three?

No blue berries?


At first I thought this was another green horn, spamming the board with some ridiculous question like "what do you guys think of this for a meal?"

Then I thought this might still qualify as spam, as Steak Eggs + Broccoli has got to be one of the biggest no brainer meals out there, but then...

Finally I concluded that this IS NOT spam. There seems to be a shit load of people with Bass Ackwards nutritional knowledge, hangin' 'round here.


This is why I come here. Revolutionary ground breaking nutritional ideas!

Oh, and Thanks All Natural,



You should charge for advice like this. I think about $2500 yearly should do it. This is seriously the best advice someone can give to a beginner, man or woman. I would have to add my vote for blueberries too. I'm going to add on oatmeal to that list because it's so damn tasty and has lots of good stuff in it.


I'd add
Drink enough water to make your eyes float and sleep more.


I'm on my like third Steak, Eggs, and Broccoli cycle. It's great, you gain 10 pounds of LBM in 3 weeks.


Yes indeed, they need to make it into an injectible form and develop PCT for when you come off.



Again, are you guys being sarcastic or are you for real?

Again, no fruit...no water...no air.....no fish?


I have steak and eggs for breakfast every 2-3 days to keep it on the cheaper side. If you cook the flank to medium its a good, if you cook it well you'll be chewing for an hour.


The broc. is important to balance out the acid/base load of the meal. You should NOT just eat steak and eggs, you should put in broc or spinach. It makes a big difference.


No milk?


Dont forget to tell the newbies to breathe also. Air is extremely important. Without it, aerobic respiration can't occur, and then you get into way too much lactic acid buildup. Just think about if they forgot to breathe for like a month. There would be so much lactic acid buildup that they would be "feelin the burn" for like a year.


Can I substitute skirt steak for regular steak, because skirt has no bones? Um, and can I substitute brussel sprouts for broccoli because broccoli gives me gas. I think I can do the eggs.


If the skirt steak meat is red and was once living, it is acceptable by allnatural's standards. I'd just like to say that gas should not be a reason to avoid certain foods, if anything it should be an encouragement. That said, brussel sprouts ARE an acceptable substitute for broccoli, even though gross. I suggest frozen brussel sprouts and blending them with strawbery Metabolic Drive to diminish grossness. You're welcome.

And to all the other noobz, water and air are highly recommended by allnatural. Berries and milk when the timing is right, but stick to the basics first. You're welcome.


All natural for president, a steak in every home!


I'm going to eat ONLY THOSE THREE and hope to stay healthy.

look at me hitting 3500 calories



With or without yolks?


Broccoli for breakfast? Thats news to me.

What about spinach? At least I could make a Steak and Spinach Omelette and justify it as a legitimate breakfast food.


Spinach and or broccoli omelets are great. Throw some low fat mozzarella cheese in as well. My breakfast for awhile have been Metabolic Drive Complete shakes and one of the additions is a half cup of frozen broccoli. I think I read about that in a Waterbury article. You don't taste it at all and a great way to get more vegetables in.