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Steak Cuts

Simple question, which cut’s of steak are general regarded as the leanest? Personal preferences for overall best cuts would be more then welcome as well.

I always just buy round steak. It’s one of the leaner cuts (although I doubt the leanest), but has next to no bone or cartilage to worry about. Also quite tender if cooked right.

IF you subscribe to the recent trend towards the paleo diet, don’t worry about the leanest cuts. Worry about the carbs.

top sirloins are usually fairly lean cuts. And fairly cheap at the store. The degree of fat-trimming can vary. Google agrees that round steaks are pretty lean too:

Ribeyes are yummy, but fatty.

My favorite is filet mignon… only when I’m on the company expense account.

i was also wondering this, nice work on the question, WC7, be intresting to see what are the best.

another question could be how to cook certain steaks? maybe change the name of the thread to “the steak thread” and we just discuss steak – cuts, cooking, cheapest, tastiest, fattiest.

do it!do it now!

I tend to go for the teres major steak, its a nice lean, dense cut of meat. Though the rhomboid and sartorius do have their appeal…


[quote]GVkid wrote:
IF you subscribe to the recent trend towards the paleo diet, don’t worry about the leanest cuts. Worry about the carbs.[/quote]

I am guessing that you don’t mean the carbs in the steak? Carbs for me only come from fruits and veggies so I am not to worried about them.

Thanks for the responses so far, keep them coming. I would love it if this just turned into a general thread about steaks. I am positive that there are some pretty good tips out there floating in the minds of T-Nation members.

[quote]pro-a-ggression wrote:
another question could be how to cook certain steaks? [/quote]

marinade and sear the outside of the steak on a grill. enjoy the cow flesh.

I don’t know how lean they are relative to other cuts, but I’ve been eating a lot of chuck and top sirloin. Some salt, pepper, and oregano gets the job done for me. Then it’s off to the skillet. Quick, easy, and cheap.

I wonder what Professor X usually perfers. He prob eats more steak that anyone in this thread.

grass fed filet but it’s expensive. strip would be next leanest.

I don’t eat steak that often, but when i do i get the good stuff even if it is fatty. I don’t know how some people can eat a good steak like a ribeye, new york, and porterhouse then go and eat something like a round steak. My favorite cuts are probably ribeye and tri-tip, a couple of the most fattiest cuts!!

Eye of Round is affordable and especially lean. Depending on how the cut comes (may be medallions, may be roast) I just throw it in a pan/ on the grill with Worcestershire. Slice it thin if it is cut like a roast.

I was just reading about this the other day. Any “loin” cut is supposed to be good. Flank Steak is good. London Boil is good, but sometimes you get a good strand of cartilage right in the middle of the cut that you’ll have to trim around.

I always buy generic (Kroger) salad dressings when they are on sale to use as marinades. I typically use FF Italian for chicken breast, and Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette for beef. Vinegar based marinades are great on steak.

I don’t know about you guys but (ignoring quality of meat) Ive never had a grilled steak that tasted better than one thats been pan seared and basted with butter at the end.

Lol to the “carbs in steak”.

From what I have read so far, the paleo diet suggests that humans are not evolved to eat and digest starchy carbs. Instead, they suggest that a person gets the majority of their calories from protein, healthy fats, TONS of vegetables, nuts, and a little bit of fruit. I’m not entirely sure I subscribe to the idea, but I see no harm in cutting out a lot of the carbs in the diet and increasing my intake of O-3’s and some O-6’s and fresh veggies. So it seems like trying to pick “the leanest” cuts of meat is not a necessity, but may or may not be helpful. It’s made for some interesting reading for me as of late in any case (of course I still have a lot more reading to do on it).

Some great suggestions so far, and the videos are awesome. I think we should just turn this into the Official T-Nation Steak Thread, where we can share tips, cuts, personal favorites, and anything else that revolves around steak.

Has anybody tried the grass fed steaks from Whole Foods? Any suggestions along those lines?

I’m a big fan of New York strip, tri tip and porterhouse. All of those are pretty pricey, so a lot of times I’ll get flat iron steaks. They have a line of cartilage/gristle in the middle, but they’re tender and not nearly as expensive.

Most of the time I’ll just pan sear them in a cast iron skillet coated with olive oil, let is sit for a couple of minutes and then salt to taste. If I’m going to bbq them, I always marinade in Stubbs, by far my favorite marinade.

I recommend a type of seasoning called santa maria steak seasoning. It was originally made for tri-tips, but it goes good on any steak and is delicious. They sell this one at the grocery store i go to and they use sea salt. http://shop.scottsfoodproducts.com/Santa-Maria-Seasoning-SantaMaria7.htm


my favorite way to cook a steak (if im not outside) is to get meat tenderizer and rub it into the meat with my fingers (not poking holes in the meat) then brush a generous amount of A1 and let it sit for 10 - 15 minutes. throw it in a smokin’ hot pan to sear in the flavor (only a couple of minutes for medium). then transfer into a 380-400 degree oven and bake for 8-12 minutes (im still trying to prefect the time/temp). let meat rest after taking out of the oven, salt to taste…some of the most tender steak i have made.

im going to try that butter + steak that Ramsey did in that video above.

in closing, I LOVE STEAK!!!