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Steak and Eggs Diet

Thinking about the steak and eggs diet by vince girouda. I know this is probably a stupid question but does it have to be strictly steak or can i use chicken or seafood every now and then?
Anyone done this diet and how quickly does it work and any results

It’s called steak and eggs for a reason dude. However, I take your point as life sometimes gets in the way of your dietary plans. I ran it last winter where I aimed for two meals a day of steak (usually circa 250g frying steak) with 3 eggs (either fried or as an omelette). On the odd occasion I had to swap out the beef for something else. I also took a greens supplement and fibre twice daily in the absence of vegetables, as well as kelp pills which Gironda recommended. It certainly made a positive impact on body composition, although I have always faired better on low carb diets. I also think it helped because prior to that I didn’t eat much red meat. One downside was cost. Ideally I would have liked to go organic but I ended up having to settle for low budget cuts and battery hen eggs. After about 4 weeks I started to introduce some green vegetables as much through boredom as anything else. In summary, it’s good but a short term fix. Gironda claimed to have run this for 9 months and was in his best shape then.

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I’ve tried it but never been able to stick to just the two meals each day… granted if I pushed the first meal back to early afternoon it may have helped as I find it much easier to skip breakfast than anything else

Vinces maximum definition diet allowed any type of meat with eggs three times per day with a carb only meal every 4ish days or so

After years of bullshitting around with low carb diets I’ve found that 3 egg meals with one beef meal each day does the trick like no other combo. Everyone will respond differently though