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Steady Progress and PRs Wiped Out by Pneumonia


This sucks. I was trying to lose some weight and this at least helped with that. Hopefully I can start light this weekend and take it from there


I did learn one thing from my first 3-ish years of lifting like a dumbass (where I took "breaks" as long as 9 months at a time).

The strength comes back faster than you originally gained it. In my experience anyways.


You had 9 month long breaks... Nice

Here's to hoping you dont come rushing back hoping to nail old PR's and end up hurting yourself.


Strength does come back fast and you will come back stronger, too. Just have a bit of patience and start back light to be sure not to pull something.

I had a two month break off lifting due to stress a coupla months ago and made the mistake of trying to squat what I did before the break; ended up pulling my back, which put me out of action for another two weeks!