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Steady Diet


Hey guys,

Is there anyone in here that just follows a certain "diet" that lets them gain muscle and keep the weight off? or is this just me wishing? There are so many diets that I would either, die of starvation or die of over eating. I plan on cutting for a little to get off the excess weight but after that is there something I can follow to let me gain the muscle and still keep a nice physique in the process.

Someone share there experiences I would be most appreciative!



Hey law,

Check my diet out. Its great for keeping the fat off but certainly allows for muscle gain.

-Water with lemon juice
-Half Grapefruit
-Yoghurt Drink
-Orange Juice with water
-Fish Oil capsule
-6 Grapes
-Organic Porridge with Wheatgerm
c p f
This totals: 162g-28g-12g 849Kcal

Then i go to the gym,

Post Workout(12 hour window):
-Tuna can
-Orange Juice w/Whey protein
-Boiled Egg
-Yoghurt with Wheatgerm
-Milk w/Whey protein
-Protein Bar
c p f
This totals: 118g-204g-70g 1,781Kcal

-Green Tea
-Wholewheat Toast with Peanut butter
-Pasta with cheese
-Breakfast Cereal w/milk
c p f
This totals: 202g-77g-49g 1,652Kcal

This brings me to:
c p f
4,282Kcal 482g-309g-131g
52% 34% 14%
(before i count dinner - usually turkey)


You can gain muscle, while keeping bodyfat down, but you won't optimize either goal.

Excess calories are needed to recover and grow after training. Keeping calories somewhere in between cutting/bulking will limit recovery and gains. You can still make gains, but is it worth training hard and comprising improvements with underfeeding?

It's better to do one or the other. Bulk, then reduce bodyfat while trying to hang onto your gains. Then repeat.


Yeah I'm using a diet whereby I eat big for 1 hour previous, and 24 hrs after a big workout - with the majority of my carbs being peri-workout or in the morning. After that I revert to a cutting type diet. It's pretty much an emalgamation of CT's carb cycling, LLs temporal nutrition and JB's post-workout gettin' the carbs in.

The main idea is that at least for the first night after your workout, you're working off a calorie excess so you can build/recover, however your diet follows your exercise so your weekly calorie intake can still come in maintenance (or deficit in your case).


try out Berardi's new stuff, that's much more of a lifestyle, than a diet