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STD Test: Positive for Hep B, HPV 2


Do any of you guys know much about STD's ? I've got a really strange situation. I recently took a std test and showed poitive for hep b & hpv 2... Weird thing is I did the test becuase I had a encounter a week ago and was stressed. When I went over the results with the lab tech she said that the results would not have shown positive had I caught this stuff a week ago.

Heres the odd part... Im married so if I got this I got it from my wife or some other indescretions during our marrige.. Which means she hs it too and has
A) Never told me
B) Isnt aware she has it either
C) We both just carried and never showed signs could have always had them

Theres relly no way to bring it up becuase if she cheated she will most likely lie. Plus she could lawyer up and take hlf my shit.. Im actually not mad at her if she did step out as I've not been perfect either. However at some point a med test will show up & we will hve to face the monster.. Or it could be a false positive..


I have no advice for ya bud.


So you cheated on your wife and now have an STD? Ouch that will be an awkward conversation.


I think Hep B is one of those ones that isn't always spread sexually, so maybe she got it from her mom at birth, bad blood transfusion, or something like that. it's possible.
HPV i'm pretty sure is always spread sexually. But anyway these things are just asymptomatic sometimes and maybe either one of you got these a long time ago and just never knew. Either way you might want to retest. Did the tech tell you the probability of a false positive?


Be a man and tell the truth if she has cheated on you then she shouldn't be mad.
If she hasn't cheated on you then she probably will be mad but this is what seperates adults from children we all make mistakes but adults accept the repercussions


You're wrong because I got hpv 2 because I went barefoot inside of a locker room. As far as HEP goes if you ever came in contact with an infected needle or bodily fluids there's a chance that could have occurred.


How can you know you got HPV this way?


Holy sht seriously? Did you have cuts or sores on your feet? That is pretty damn crazy..


Afaik, both of those viruses aren't necessarily STDs.


Well I used process of elimination. I was a virgin and had warts on the bottom of my feet. It all began when I was was freshman in High School.


I didn't have cuts, but I did something very stupid due to my ignorance. After every gym class I changed my sweaty socks for fresher socks. Every time my sweaty moist feet touched the ground in that lockeroom, it was a matter of time before I was infected. At least that's what the doc told me. 70% of people are infected in their lifetime but i'm clean now.


Yeah its a pretty common infection but thats a pretty absurd freak way to catch it LOL. Good to know it never caused issues and that you are clean now though.





You and your wife have both been shaggin around, and now you're riddled.

Do us all a favour and video the conversation where you come clean and post it on here so we can all enjoy it


What a hero


Oy vey


And THAT'S why I always say, "USE CONDOMS".

My number is in the triple digits and I've never had an STD. Because I ALWAYS use a condom. Each time, every time. And I enjoy a good chase, so I don't sleep with whores/sluts/easy women.


How long have you been married for? And were you tested prior to this test? Same question for your wife. Either one of you may had had them for years and not known as these specific ones don't always manifest.

And there's a vaccine for Hep B. Might not mean anything for you, but just throwing it out there for everyone as a PSA.


this earned a literal LOL from me....if I was drinking coffee, it would be all over my computer screen.


It's reasons like this that make me shake my head when men walk around barefoot in my gym locker room. I guess it's better than walking by an old man with his leg up on a chair while drying his balls with his hair dryer.