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Staying Upright in Clean/Front Squat?


Hi guys,

When front squatting I have a problem staying upright, its almost like im doing a back squat with the bar on my front. Naturally this carries over into my clean where I find it hard to catch the bar as Im too far forwards. Ive found having a wider stance helps but I have to have excessive pointing of the toes outwards to manage.

I think my problem is a mixture of flexibility and form issues, any help on partucular muscles to stretch and front squatting form would be much appreciated.

Ive attatched a video, its on the side unfortunatley.


hello adam

what to stretch? everything

with more focus on this: squat down with the oly shoes in a perfect bottom position. Look at what hurts, what's tight what feels like its being stretched and so on. Stretch those muscles and foam roll the areas that hurt.

I think ankle flexibility is pretty important to stay upright so work on that one.

Continue doing cleans though, don't stop unless you think its dangerous. Which I doubt it is.


don't be afraid to lean back a bit further when front squatting. It does look like you're kind of hunched over a bit at the top of your back.

Maybe working on thoracic spine mobility could get your upper back more upright.


it might help if you find the other half of your pants.

think about staying as tall as you can and really holding your back tight. stronger abs always help to keep you more upright


Take your grip out wider!! You're hunching over the bar because your hands are on top of your shoulders!! Take a grip that is about a thumbs length away from your shoulders and keep those elbows up!! You are not leaning forward so much as your upper back is hunched over!!


Thanks for those few tips. I have taken my hands wider and it helps, the only problem i do have is that i dislocated my a-c joint and it causes the bar to sit awkwardly but il just have to put up with it. Also been working the ankle flexibility a lot and its noticeing already.

But finding the other half of my pants was definatley the best advice so far!! haha.

cheers guys