Staying Strong Without Implements

Hi guys

I’m gonna be moving to a place where there won’t be much in the way of strength training facilities pretty soon. I’ll have access to a horizontal bar, the floor, and a little bit of space. I was wondering if any of you experience with keeping strong (esp. the legs and erectors) using improvised implements and/or other people?

So far, I’m thinking my gymnastics movements as usual (L-sits, pullups, levers etc), and fireman’s carries once I find a partner. Any other ideas? I’m terrified of going that long without any significant load

You can always push/pull your car.
Find random objects outside (stones, logs, etc) at a local park or field, then do carries and loads with them.

I’ll think of some more stuff and add to this list as options come to me…

Pick up heavy rocks and carry them. Pick up heavy women and carry them. Pick up multiple light women and carry them to your place.