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Staying on Cycle... Forever


so when i started out i was into bodybuilding. i was young and nieve and when i found out the truth i wanted to ignore about the drug use in the sport it was a hard pill to swallow. i ended up getting into powerlifting, and ultimately strongman.

now the more guys i talk to about the issue the more i realize many high level amatures and top pro's basically never really come off. years or decades at a time in some cases.

i know this comes down to "if you're not willing to do ANYTHING to be the best, someone else is" but what are your thoughts on basically staying on for good? mostly looking for opinions from people that are doing this themselves or know people personally that do. how do they go about it? just cycle differant drugs depending on what contests are comming up, be it bodybuilding, strongman or powerlifting. how has it effected them/you? how long have they/you been on? its not something im truly considering, just really curious about. it may come to the point in my competitive "career" that its give in, or stay mediocre. if that happens i'd like to have learned what i may be getting myself into. there really arent any long term steroid studies, thats why im looking for personal experience's. i think my biggest concern would be infirtility. any inside perspective would be great! thanks


First of all, i would never recommend anybody to stay on the rest of their life, not saying that its not possible..

There is a lot of different ways to do it, but the most common is to stay on a test-base like, lets say 250mg ew, and the run something that looks a little like B&C..

1-26: 250mg test e ew
1-26: 20mg D-bol ed
26-36: 750mg test e ew
26-36: 500mg deca ew
26-36: 400mg tren e ew
36-52: 250mg test e ew
36-52: 20mg D-bol ed

I would always recommend to use Hcg all the way, just to keep the balls in shape a bit, to be on the safe side if you get my point..

Just to show you an example..


I'm on 200mg/wk for life as prescribed by a doctor, and I'm fully convinced by research and experience that it's healthier for me than not being on it...My natural test of 302ng/dl is what's unhealthy.

So really, it's a question of need and dose--not simply "being on."


26 weeks of dbol?



yeah i thought that was a bit much too, but he did say example lol

maybe use gh or alternate IGF-1 for 6 weeks at a time with insulin for 4-6 weeks at a time.

keep er rolling boys, the more insight and topic productive opinions the better!


I don't know anyone who would suggest using dbol for six months straight. Those I know who blast and cruise use test at doses slightly above replacement doses or at the lowest dose possible for maintaining performance at desired levels. When they "blast," they use standard cycles. Almost all of these people use HCG and an AI year round or close to it. I know some people who cruise with a little bit of masteron or equipoise added to their test as well but this is not common. You should check out some of the stuff in the TRT forum for more info on staying on.


reading in that thread is actually what made me decide to start this one. a little more specific question im asking here i think. i didnt want to take away from the topic at hand in that thread


If you've never used drugs before and have years of training under your belt, then if you start you are going to get a hell of a lot out of them.

Just because you are seriously considering starting, does not mean that you need to stay on forever like many people do. You can get very far by just cycling in the first place.

If your biggest concern is infertility then do this: get some sperm frozen. That way, if the worst happens you can still have kids.

If I were you, I'd try two short cycles (4-6 weeks) of test prop and run GH in the background constantly for the 6 months it takes to run them including recovery time. With very short cycles and proper PCT plus the GH you should have no trouble recovering. I would run at least 750mg-1g a week since you are probably pretty heavy and the lower newbie doses wont go as far with you. If you are running short cycles then you might as well hit it hard.

I would also get your test levels checked before starting and near the end of each off period so you know how well you are recovering.

I will warn you however that once you feel and see the results you get from using drugs, the temptation to use them longer and longer will be very strong. Test makes you feel like a god lol.


i guess i should have given some history...

im on my 3rd real cycle. i tinkered with clen by itself a few times, hated it! used injectable winni by itself at 50 mg EOD and LOVED IT. i now know ED is much better, but i hadnt done my research and just listened to the guy i knew who was selling me the drug. i was gaining muscle at about the same rate as i was cutting fat, and my strength went threw the roof!

last 3 summers ive cycled up, same base all 3 times, 500mg of test enth, 300 mg of tren enth. cycles from 10-16 weeks. kick started and used drugs inbetween with a few differant drugs, m1t was amazing the first imte but lost its luster each time since. dbol is pretty good, but honestly i get my best strength gains, and size gains from winni. god only knows why. i tried andro this year too, it absolutely KILLED my appitite at 50mg a day.

i find i get pretty awesome results with these doses up to about 7 or 8 weeks then the results become noticably less steller. i think in the future ill use 500x8 weeks, then jump up to 750 for 4 weeks and try a gram for 4 weeks, then taper back down and either come off, or just cruise. i started using drugs because i was sick of beating the natural guys and getting 2nd or 3rd to the guys using, SOMETIMES beating a few but still being a few steps way back.

ive been top 3 in my end of the country 2 years running. top 2 go to canada's strongest man. my goal was to be competing at CSM by 25. ill be 25 in september, so this is the year! i came very very close this year, i was tied for 1st after 2 events with the 7 time champ who got me into this sport! that felt awesome. but a guy ive beaten before, and whom has beaten me before*although i beat him at our last meeting* just started rallying a comeback. we were both very very consistant all day, his day was just a little better.by 2 or 3 god damn points!

i lost the passion this past little while. i was letting life stuff fog my dreams. but, im re-born and re-dedicated to taking my body as far as my gene's will allow. now its just to pick the best path for me. im still a steroid novice. but im always reading and re-reading. i know alot more than the avg gym rat, but this was the second hard pill to swallow, again nieve to think some guys werent staying on perminantly...its a consideration. but like i said i'd like to hear some personal experience's if possible. thanks for the posts so far guys


I'd love to see more about HTPA, recovery etc while being "on" for many years.

Why so much advice for some1 who wants to juice his entire future, but so much hate when you want to do a second cycle a few weeks after you've finished your previous PCT... ?