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Staying On After First Cycle


Hey so if this is a stupid question please let me have it because in my head it sounds pritty stupid but at the same time it makes alota sense but hey thats what you good blokes are for right? to steer us young foolish fellas down the right path.

Im on first cycle at the moment and im seriously considering just staying on for ever.
Since i started i have felt amazing! I do have bi polar dissorder and i have not had one episode of mania or any rapid moood swings. to be honest i cant remember the last time i have been consistanly happy for so long, not that i suffer from depression i just have been very stable and calm, I hardly ever feel tired or lazy anymore.

I DO plan on doing more cycles as i love bodybuilding and i no longer want to compete in the INBA which is a natural comp. I have read on a few occasions one of you blokes (i think MrWalkway) mention that steroids were never meant to be started and stopped which makes alot of sense.
I do plan on competing alot more next year
I do plan on doing more cycles in the future
I am prepared to pin myself every week for the rest of my life

Is this stupid thinking? am i jumping the gun here should i do a few more cycles before i go down this path?


well, i can't comment on how it could affect long term mental health. i'm glad you feel great now, but i think you need to talk to a real doc about this....

as far as staying "on,' well i don't think that's a great idea. even if you plan on competing and using for the rest of your life, this is still your first cycle.

personally, rather than see guys "cruise," i'd rather see them come off, do a quick PCT and jump back on. at least then their bodies would be used to producing natural test, from time to time....

however, if you wanna stay on, then i suggest learning all you can about TRT.... a lot of the principles apply, even though you're gonna be running higher running doses.


Yeah by saying "on" I meant cruising at a low dose. I read an interesting article on t nation about how blasting and cruising the gains made are alot less then if you were to do a straight cycle and pct come off wait and then return. Here is the article I read http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/cycling_its_not_just_for_steroids_anymore


you're too young, brother. Sure, we've all felt the lure of the blast and cruise lifestyle, but just do your PCT.

See how you feel in a few year's time.


how old are you? do you know your natural levels?

If you did decide to do this, and don't take this as me advising you to do so, but if you did, i would suggest to get on trt first. Just so you have a constant steady supply incase things come up, also easier to travel with since it's legal, you know what you're getting, etc.


I say it is a great idea if competing is a serious goal just Know if you stay on the longer your on the less likely you will ever be able to come off. Make sure you get blood work atleast every 6 months and monitor the results and everything. I personally feel B and C is much safer and better on your body and well being than coming off even if for a short period of time. Just my 2 cents


im not really sure that's what he was saying.. even if it was, who cares? it's Bill Roberts..

there is no point to cycling..


^yeah, that's nuts. there are tons of reasons to cycle off, varying from competing in tested events, to wanting to avoid permanent shutdown.... to say otherwise is absurd.


I'm 25 I don't know what my natural levels are but I think after pct I will wait a couple weeks and go get some tests done to see how I recovered I have a sneaky suspicion that I have low natural test


Yeah I think I should at least do pct this cycle


Do you not think Bill Roberts is a reputable person to take advice from?


The fact that cheating in a tested event was tour first idea makes all respect for you in my opinion pretty much gone. Also the only reason that you would come off is to avoid permanent shit down how ever unfortunately permanent shut down is pretty much guaremteed after a number of cycles and also who is to say the very first cycle doesn't do it. It is rare but it has happened.

If you are looking to compete at your highest potential then there is absolutely no reason to come off completely and PCT period. I'm sorry but you will not convince me other wise.

The PCT is the most stressful time of a cycle on the body and mind in my experience and I'll be damned to go through that multiple times a year. Also there is no point in taking 2 steps forward and then taking one or 2 back PCTing. If your not willing to stay on and be willing to dedicate your self and are willing to risk possible shit down and infertility and what ever then your ass never should have picked up a syringe in the first place.


you're right.. that is a "ton" of reasons, lol.

every cycle you do, you chip away at your hpta.. doing pct puts your body through tremendous stress.

no point in cycling. either avoid aas completely, or make a lifelong commitment


lighten up Reed. i didn't say i was cheating, but i'd be naive to think that others don't or haven't.

as far as the stress of PCT, i think you're making it out to be much worse than it is.... i was under the impression you never did it anyways. am i wrong?


maybe in some areas.. but that article didn't really do him too many favors


No my first two cycles I did the basic PCT with Nolva the second one I did Nolva and clomid (FUCK CLOMID I swear I wanted to commit suicide on that shit) and then after that I was put on TRT because I was fucked even with PCTing both times but had already come to the conclusion I wouldn't PCT again.

I personally think your making staying on sound way more harsh than it is. Maybe it is just me but every time I PCT I became depressed, no energy, wanted to sleep for days, acne went hay wire and the only time I,had a gyno flare up was when I came off. Now that I stay on I have no problems in mood, sex drive, energy, acne, depression(only during PCT) and I don't have to take any time getting back what I lost during PCT.

I do believe you should cruise in order to give the body a break but if your in this your either in it for the long ride or your not in for it at all. I don't advise any one to B and C because I know some are not as dedicated but, if they ask I will tell them immediately I prefer and think if maximum potential is the goal and they are not just some gym bro looking to be above average slightly that B and C is the safest and most logical method in my opinion.


i think we have to agree to disagree. i understand why you stay on, for competitive purposes. but for someone like myself, i'm typically unable to be on due to deployments and stuff like that. and i understand why other folks have to back off training due to personal commitments...

while i understand your all or nothing approach to AAS use, i know a lot of folks have wildly different reasons for using.

EDIT: fwiw, i agree with you about clomid.... fuck that shit.

as far as post PCT gyno, i think a lot of people get that due to not managing estrogen on cycle in the their PCT, and hoping that the SERMs will control it (which it won't, in many cases).


it's all personal preference and if it fits into your lifestyle/goals. There really is no right or wrong answer here, just do what you think is best for your circumstance, each situation has it's benefits and disadvantages, just weigh them accordingly.


The way you feel during PCT just personal , I feel great! i hear you on talking steps back and losing most of the gains during post cycle, personally I have chosen to stay on for life seven years ago and it feels awesome!


It is really good to hear both sides I didn't expect to get this much advice tbh. I guess I cant really decide untill I actually know how I feel during pct and how I recover.